I’m Still Skeptical About Hoverboards

Well, another hoverboard is purported to be coming our way. Me, I’m skeptical. I still don’t think Back to the Future II is anywhere close.

After all, we’ve been burned on hoverboard scams before. Even if this isn’t a hoax, Hendo Hoverboard is only promising you a $10,000 hoverboard in a year that can float an inch off a conductive surface for seven minutes. That isn’t very long, or very high. It is very expensive and you’d have to only go on special surfaces. There isn’t any propulsion either, just the 1 inch levitation.

I’m not exactly enthused, particularly at that price.

Even if this is real, which I’m skeptical about to begin with, this is still a long, long way from the hoverboards of Back to the Future II. No special surfaces, more than 7 minutes float time, far above an inch over the ground, and propulsion. I’m just not biting.

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Looking For A Book To Review?

Are you looking for a book to review? Why not check out the lists of books to review over at Sundog Lit and/or Atticus Review? Both have a healthy list of books available to review. Surely there’s something there to sink your teeth into, and then maybe you can have a book review published there.

Oh, wait…it looks like my book The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes is on both of those lists. What a coincidence.

Anyway, maybe check out the books available for review over at Sundog Lit and/or Atticus Review and then maybe shoot them an email to get your pick. No one will make you pick my book, but that would obviously make me the happiest.

Nothing wrong with wanting to be happy.

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Let’s Look At This Ranma Animated GIF Instead Of A Post Today

I recently decided to pick up one of the manga comics for Ranma 1/2 because I used to watch the cartoon quite a bit. I had fun with it, though I knew the plot of that particular comic already from having watched the cartoon. Regardless, I still enjoyed reading the comic so I thought we’d look at a Ranma animated GIF today instead of having a substantive post:

I’m kind of disturbed by how long I can stare at that without getting bored.

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I Finally Finished Reading “Youngblood Hawke” by Herman Wouk!!!!!

I finally finished reading Youngblood Hawke by Herman Wouk!!!!!!

I thought that book was never going to end.

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So…Is Ello Still A Thing?

So…is Ello still a thing?

I remember everybody freaking out about it, rushing to flee Facebook and sign up. I signed up just in case, but have yet to do anything on it. I have three friends and have yet to post. It all seems pretty quiet.

Did it already fail and no one bothered to tell me? Or, are we still waiting for the big takeoff?

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My Position On The Ebola Panic

I think my position on the recent panic over Ebola can be best summed up by the below clip from the animated Clerks show (the one where Randal fears an outbreak of the Motaba virus after Leonardo Leonardo is bitten by a monkey and gets food poisoning from a burrito):

Doesn’t that put this in the appropriate context? More likely than not, most of the people panicking in the US are probably just being silly. For the moment at least.

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Service Animals Should Be Ugly

I saw someone with an adorable beagle the other day. The beagle looked at me all sad, begging to be petted. However, the beagle was wearing a little vest with “SERVICE ANIMAL: DO NOT PET” emblazoned thereupon. I did not pet the beagle.

However, this brought up what I thought was a good point. Service animals should be ugly. Or menacing. Or something that doesn’t make us want to pet them.

After all, you can’t pet service animals. You just can’t do it. Service animals have an important job and they have to concentrate on it. Teaching them to interact with anyone other than the person they are working with, such as for the purposes of affection, disrupts that job. It can even ruin a service animal if they learn to seek affection rather than paying attention to their job.

Still, it was really hard not to pet that beagle. It was just so cute, looking at me all sad and all.

It’s got to be hard to have a cute service animal. No matter what vest you put on, no matter how much you warn people, people are going to keep trying to pet your service animal. They’re just going to keep doing it.

It’d be so much better to have one that people don’t want to pet.

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