Was Packing Material Necessary?

Dear Petsmart: Was it really necessary to package the litter I ordered in boxes with packing material?

My wife has our car out of town right now and I decided I needed some more cat litter. We have four cats, so we can go through quite a bit of litter. The bags we buy are forty pounds each, and I wanted three. Trying to get these without having them shipped was going to be problematic.

So, I ordered online. Found a sale so even with shipping it was only a few dollars per bag more than normal. That was cool. We usually go to Petco, but they didn’t ship big bags of litter. Petsmart did. I figured they’d use UPS as opposed to the post office, which was good. Forty pound bags of litter wouldn’t fit in the boxes at our mailbox station and I probably would have been told to come pick them up at the post office. I would have been no better off than getting it from the store myself. UPS would drop off on our porch.

I didn’t think anyone would steal three forty pound sacks of litter.

So this was all there when I got home. Each bag was individually boxed. Eached was packed with a bunch of packing paper.

Cat litter is not particularly fragile, just in case you didn’t know.

It seemed silly, and wasteful, but maybe there was at least some reason. I suppose they had to box it so that the little bags didn’t get cut open in shipment. Also made it easier to stack in a truck, I suppose. I also suppose they couldn’t have the bags moving around in the boxes, and it would have been too heavy to put multiple bags in a single box.

All in all it probably wasn’t that weird…but it seemed odd when I first opened it.

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Most Complete Michael J. Seidlinger Collection Ever?

So, do I have the most complete Michael J. Seidlinger collection ever?


A number of these are out of print right now and hard to find. The Artist in Question is almost impossible to obtain (someone might have most of the others, some may even have The Artist in Question, but I’m not sure anyone, even Michael, has The Artist in Question and all these others). However, I think I’ve got every full book he’s written. Anyone see anything I’m missing?


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I Finally Have “The Artist In Question” by Michael J Seidlinger!

I finally have a copy of The Artist in Question by Michael J. Seidlinger! You have no idea, I’ve been looking for this book for almost two years (see here). There were only about 50 of these made. Even Michael doesn’t have one. But I do!


Seriously, I can’t believe I found this. I looked everywhere. I tried every purchase site I could think of. I searched all the hard to find, out of print, everything sites that normally find this sort of thing. I even started messaging people who had reviewed hoping they might still have a copy.

Finally, finally I have it.

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Have You Noticed I Start Posting Animated Gifs When I Run Low On Time For Real Posts?

Have you noticed that when I run out of time for a real post I tend to start looking for animated gifs of something funny to include and then structure a post around that? I do that. It may or may not be completely evident, but it probably is.

That being said, here’s an animated gif of speeded up butter melting:

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Amazon PrimePantry Is Driving Me Away From Amazon

My wife has our car out of town right now and I needed a few household things so I decided to look at Amazon to see about getting those things delivered. I encountered something I hadn’t seen before, something called PrimePantry. That was really annoying.

PrimePantry is apparently deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members. I understand what the goal is here, exclusive deals to promote Prime membership. They don’t want to just show them to Prime members because they want non-Prime members to sign up.

However, they nearly drove me away from the site entirely.

After all, there was no way that I could figure out to screen out the PrimePantry results. There were so many PrimePantry results that I couldn’t see stuff I could actually buy. It looked like there wasn’t anything I could.

I wasn’t going to sign up for Prime.

I understand wanting to drive Prime membership, but shouldn’t they stop short of making the site impossible or at least highly difficult to use for non-Prime members? They want to be a one stop shop for more than just books (and I buy from independents unless I can only get something from Amazon in general anyway), should they make it so I can’t find anything to buy?

I tell you, I started looking at other sites. Pushing prime is one thing, but making it so I can’t find anything to buy is another.

They might want to rethink that. At least present the PrimePantry deals and then let me screen those out so I can find something to buy in case I’m still not sold on Prime.

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A Soothing Image

Life gets stressful from time to time. A soothing image can help this, calm us all down. As such, let’s look at this animated gif of an egg exploding in a microwave:

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Stupid Bus

I got to go to the Fbomb National Flash Fiction Festival event recently in Denver at the Mercury Cafe. It was very cool, got to hear great writers like Robert Vaughan, Karen Stefano, Meg Tuite, and Paul Beckman read. Even picked up some books I got to have signed, though I ran out of cash before I got all I wanted (remedied that at least in part by ordering Paul Beckman’s Peek on my phone on the way home). The stupid bus messed it up a little for me, though.

I had to leave my house at 6 in order to be to the event by 7:30. Then I had to leave at 9:15 or so, halfway through at the intermission, in order to walk all the way to the bus stop and make the last bus I could take to get to bed on time for work the next morning. I cut it pretty close, but I missed half the event.

Missed all those other readers I wanted to hear, and missed the chance to read myself.

Stupid bus.

I’ll definitely have to go back, though I think I’ll be out of town next time their going to do it. I’ll have to keep my eye out for more after that. I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing.

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