Subway Wait More A Temperature Concern Than A Time One

I would think that I would have been most concerned about travel time on the subway in the recent trip the wife and I took to NYC. After all, the longer the subway takes to arrive, the longer it takes us to travel where we were going. However, though I was concerned about how long it was taking subways to arrive, temperature was a bigger concern.

To explain, NYC was pretty warm while we were there. The subways are air conditioned. The subway stations are not. Thus, it could get pretty stifling while waiting for the subway. The longer the subway took to arrive, the more stifling it became.

Honestly, some times I didn’t even care about how long it was going to take me to get where I was going. I just wanted to get back into the air conditioning. I almost started getting on other subways, ones going other places.

It was hot.

Maybe they do that on purpose. You’re so grateful to get into the cool once the subway arrives that you completely forget about any subway delays.

I bet that’s a strategy.

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I Can’t Wait For Phone Navigation To Have Time Specific Suggestions

I can’t wait for phone navigation to have time specific suggestions.  Right now, many phone navigation apps can calculate the time at which you are expected to arrive. However, one thing they don’t do is realize that you are due to arrive at the White Castle within two blocks or so of the stadium in Indianapolis ten minutes after the Colts game gets out. Trust me, I know they don’t do this.

This was a problem.

We were driving in on the interstate. We saw the flood of crowds approaching right as we were about to turn left onto the street where the White Castle was. Just before we could turn, the police blocked the street. We were stuck. Then the crowds enveloped us.

We clearly had to go to another White Castle. We obviously couldn’t drive to the one we’d been navigating to, and even if we could the stadium traffic would have completely swamped it. We never would have gotten food. Imagine the line at a White Castle 2 blocks from a pro football arena just after a game has gotten out. We eventually navigated to another, but even that took quite a bit of time. It was quite a thing to get out of the downtown at that point. The mob was huge.

Just imagine though if the phone had realized what was going to happen. There are something like 14 other White Castles in Indianapolis. It could have remarked that we’d arrive just after the game let out. This is predictable, and likely causes problems getting to that particular White Castle whenever it happens. Couldn’t it have recommended many miles before that we choose another location?

I would have liked it if it could have.

It didn’t.

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Pizza Place Portions Me Out

My wife and I were in NYC recently and we stopped at a pizza place for lunch. It was rated highly, but I didn’t end up being able to try any. They actually portioned me out.

Pizzas were only $23. That felt really fair, particularly for something that could be split between two people. That seemed the intention, given that most of their tables were set up for two. However, the pizza was sized for four or five.

Seriously, this thing was an entire baking pan. Full sized. Home as opposed to restaurant grade baking pan, but still. It was huge. That was the smallest pizza you could get.

I had a soda.

The pizza was so immense, I just couldn’t order. This was lunch, and I wouldn’t be where I could refrigerate any leftovers for at least 10 hours. What was I supposed to do? My wife and I could have eaten a fifth, maybe a fourth of it. That amount would have still felt fair for $23, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of wasting that much food. Since I couldn’t order less, I passed. My wife ordered a sandwich instead, the only other offering they had. It was still at least a two person sandwich. Their prices were reasonable, but their portions were way over huge.

Why do that? Sure, some people may be impressed by portion size, but some people like me would actually end up getting driven off by it. This was lunch, I didn’t see anyone managing to eat the whole thing. Is that perceived as value for them? I seriously think they could have served a pizza the fraction of the size at the same price and still have been perceived to be offering the same value.

It was just too much. So much that they actually lost a sale over it.

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Is Uber Such A Great Name?

I’m always hearing something about Uber. I certainly recognize the name, but is it a good one? I know the word “uber” is supposed to have certain connotations (denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing), which Uber is hoping to associate with itself. However, this is what I always think of whenever I hear them mentioned:

Yeah, I know his name is Üter Zörker (from The Simpsons), not Uber, but still. It’s what I think of. I always think: “Don’t make me run. I’m full of chocolate.”

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Only You Can Stop Violence Against Chocolate Bunnies

Only you can stop violence against chocolate bunnies. Please, won’t you do something?

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A Great Day For American Democracy: Ballot Selfies

It’s surely a great day for American democracy! The ban on ballot selfies in New Hampshire has been struck down!

Could we imagine a world where we could not take selfies of ourselves at the ballot box? How would democracy be able to function in such an environment? If we cannot take selfies of ourselves voting, how can we meaningfully take part in the democratic process?

This is such a great thing for American democracy, surely the biggest issue facing us today. Thankfully, this important right is being preserved.

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Peep Fight!

Peeps fence!

Or is that more jousting?

This is so utterly pointless and strange that I had to share it. Can you imagine how much time this took to put together? Could you imagine spending that much time to make it?

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