Is The Election Over Yet?

Is the election over yet? Please say yes.

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Come Hear Me Read At Don’t Yell At Me Episode 14 Saturday July 30th At 7 PM At Still Cellars 1115 Colorado Ave Longmont, CO

Hey! Come heat me read at Don’t Yell at me Episode 14 Saturday July 30th, 7 PM at Still Cellars 1115 Colorado Ave Longmont, CO ($5 dollar suggested donation)!

A bunch of stellar people are going to be there. Readings from William Seward Bonnie, Dustin Holland, Rachel Palmateer, Eddy Jordan, Jesse Lee Pacheco, Gracie Hortonopoulos, Jane Ripley, Vinnie Colitti, and me! Music by Ben Hanna.

Don’t miss it!

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Congratulations To The Summer 2016 Graduates Of The University Of Nebraska MFA In Writing!!!!!

Congratulations to the summery 2016 graduates of the University of Nebraska MFA in writing!!!!!

Man, it’s been 6 years now since I’ve graduated. 6 years and 12 graduating classes. That’s a lot of fine writing.

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The Golden Age Of The Web: The Stinkymeat Project

The time has come already to become nostalgic about the golden age of the World Wide Web. Today? Let us take a moment to remember The Stinkymeat Project:

Yes, around 2000 (approximately sixteen years ago), a guy decided to let meat rot in his neighbor’s yard and take pictures of it for a web site. Is there anything that better epitomizes the golden age of people realizing what all kinds of useless, disgusting things that the WWW could be used for? Isn’t this great?

I certainly think it is.

I can’t believe this web site is still up.

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Illiteracy Is No Longer An Excuse Not To Get My Book!

You can no longer use not being able to read as an excuse not to get Not Quite so Stories! It’s now an audiobook! (Of course, people who can’t read can’t read this post about not having to have to read to get my book.)

I’m excited about this. This is my first book to ever get an audiobook release. I’m eager to see what people think, to reach the audiobook audience who doesn’t like to read actual text. It’s a whole new world.

It’s a nice one too. We didn’t just record me reading. They got a professional reader for this, Peter M. Lerman. That was definitely the classy route. I hope ya’ll dig!

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I Just Need To Keep This Handy For All The Pokémon GO Discussions

Excuse me, but I just need to keep this handy for all the discussions going on right now about Pokémon GO.

I don’t play it personally, but I need to keep this particular video where I can find it easily for various ongoing Pokémon GO discussions.

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Restore Dennis Cooper’s Blog and Email

I don’t normally share a lot of petitions because I think the majority of them are pointless, showing people who already know how many people are against them how many people are against them. It’s not as if most of them are unaware, they just don’t care. As such, it’s kind of a fruitless make yourself feel good enterprise in many cases. However, I do think Google needs to know if you are upset about them suddenly (and without any real explanation) shutting off Dennis Cooper’s accounts.

To quote the petition page about this:

On June 27th, 2016, the blog and personal Gmail account of writer and artist Dennis Cooper were deleted by Google for reasons that the company has failed to disclose, beyond a generic reference to a terms of service violation.

Yes, Google is free. Yes, it’s their machines and their decision. However, if they are going to behave as a certain kind of company, people need to realize that and treat them accordingly. This is not the kind of company I thought they were, and I wanted to let them know that. If they wanted to do this sort of thing, I’d think it best to move away from having contact with them. I certainly wouldn’t want to support them.

But, I’d let them know that first. As such, one of the few petitions I’m sharing. If you agree, consider letting them know too. Personally, I think they should at least provide him access to the stored content and explain why. Let him go somewhere else if they don’t want his kind of content on their servers, but provide him the ability to and let us know exactly what it was that bothered them so much.

I want to know what kind of company they are.

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