What My Brain Tells Me The Day Will Be Like

My brain is so positive when I wake up in the morning. Here’s it now telling me what my day will be like as I try to get started today:

Ah, so encouraging.

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My Cat Is Making This Difficult

My cat is making this difficult. Well, one of them. I have a few.

Every morning, I get on the computer at my house to check some work things, get on Facebook quick, and schedule a blog post. For some reason, one of my cats has decided this is the best time to get snuggly. Just present most of the time, he keeps showing up the moment I open my computer, wandering around all over it, and wanting to lay down on it over my arms while he nuzzles my head. Of course, when I try to take a picture of that, he moves. Then he comes back when I try to get back to work. He’s been doing this for around a week or two. I have no idea why.

Typical cat.

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This Spam Comment Actually Sounds Interesting

This spam comment I just deleted out of my queue actually sounds interesting:

Other drag queens for you to accompany the amounts. Gambling has been online since the start of human society. These tips won’t give that you just guarantee, but nothing in poker is guaranteed.

I wonder what kind of poker they are playing. We’ll ignore bronze era internet service providers for the moment.

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Too Bad The Ides Of April Isn’t April 15th

Too bad the Ides of April is April 13th instead of April 15th. It would be fun to use BEWARE THE IDES OF APRIL!!!!! as a tax day warning. Oh well, I guess we get no fun today.

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Facebook Should Add Messenger Functions Back Into The Mobile App For Those Who Have Held Out This Long

Facebook should add Messenger functions back into the mobile app for those who have held out this long. I mean, I’ve been holding out almost five years now. I think they should give those of us who have held out this long, forcing the web version in a browser outside the app so we don’t have to install Messenger, as a prize.

It’s either that or actually make the Messenger app worthwhile.

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I Know It’s Only A Sculpture

We’re going to need a bigger lamp.

(Yes, I know it’s only a sculpture.)

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Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddddddd That’s Why I Don’t Really Use Ebay Anymore

I recently tried to buy something on Ebay. Not auction, the Buy It Now option. I haven’t gotten anything off Ebay in YEAAAAAARRRRRSSSSS.  Apparently, there’s a reason why.

It was supposed to be a gift for someone. The seller waited a week and then cancelled, refunded me the money, and said they didn’t have it in stock. A WEEK! YOU AREN”T EVEN SUPPOSED TO LIST ON EBAY IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE ITEM!!!!!

Did I leave negative feedback? Yes. Is there anything Ebay will do about this seller listing items they don’t really have? No. Will they keep sellers off who list items they don’t really have? No. This is why I don’t really use Ebay anymore, or even much of the third party sellers on Amazon. Even when it’s the only place to get something, the fact that they don’t really enforce many rules on the sellers so often makes it a waste of time.

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