“The Garden Of Good And Evil Pancakes” Is Now On Sale!!!!

It’s published! The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes is now published an on sale!

Get your copy here at amazon!!!!

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Book trailer for “The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes!”

The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes is almost, but not quite, ready to drop. Soon, very soon. Until then, why not check out the book trailer AE Stueve put together for the book?

I just got to see it for myself for the first time, and I’m thrilled. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Thanks, AE Stueve!

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Dangerous Analogies

I was recently in an office building that has electronic screens where news and other such items are displayed. One thing that the screens display is management tips culled from various people. I think it’s pulled from various twitter feeds that have been labelled with some kind of management tip hashtag. Regardless whether that is accurate or not, one caught my eye. I’m paraphrasing, but it basically stated that a good manager remembers the little people because they are the stepping ones one treads in order to reach success.

This seems like a dangerous analogy to me.

Now, there is a chance that this analogy was deliberately calculated to be humorous. There is also a chance that sufficient thought didn’t go into how this sounds. Sure, it’s accurate. Without the contribution of employees managers would sink, possibly even drown. However, it may also be a little too accurate.

After all, do you want to put forth that you think of employees as utilitarian objects? Do you want to put forth the impression you consider them items to step on? Success? Why, I reached that by stomping on the backs of employees!

I’m just saying, it may not be the best image to convey. Employees as stepping stones seems a little bit insensitive, regardless how accurate it may be.

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Upcoming Reading for “The Garden Of Good and Evil Pancakes”

Good news! If you’ll be in the Omaha area on Saturday April 26th you can come out and hear me read from The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes at the 2014 Nebraska Book Festival!

The tentative schedule so far has me reading in the 1:15-2:00 p.m. block in Bootstrapper Hall over at the Thompson Center at UNO, so come on out. I believe I’ll be going on just after John Price reads from Daddy Long Legs: The Natural Education of a Father.

I’m thrilled that my publisher was able to get this set up for me. I’m a little terrified, but still looking forward to it.

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Another Response To Throwback Thursday

People still seem to be big on the whole Throwback Thursday thing. You know, Thursday is supposed to be the day you post really old pictures of yourself so everyone can feel nostalgic and/or laugh at you. It’s not Thursday today, but I was thinking about it.

Personally, I don’t really go for this. I even find the concept a little bit annoying. It’s cool if other people want to do this, but I do end up seeing a lot of these posts.

I’ve poked a little fun at the whole tbt thing before…and I’m going to do it again. As such, here’s a throwback to me a hundred years ago:















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Finding Amusement In The Facebook Nickleback Trick

I was amused to see that someone has put together a page where you can find out which of your Facebook friends likes Nickleback, supposedly for the purpose of finding out who you should unfriend. I wouldn’t unfriend people just because they like something I don’t like, but I did think this was funny.

Personally, I’m not even sure who Nickleback really is. If I’ve heard any of their music before, I’m not immediately aware of it. I’m certainly not a big fan. I don’t think my MP3 library has a single song of their. However, I’m not exactly a huge hater either. I just don’t know enough about them to feel passionate one way or another.

Apparently someone does, though. Apparently some people really, really hate Nickleback. That’s amusing in and of itself. Putting together a page so you can seek out and commit defriending vengeance on people who do like them is even funnier.

I don’t know, maybe Nickleback deserves this. Maybe they don’t. The fact this kind of thing is generated is humorous either way.

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Comparing Stephen Colbert’s Career Track to Jon Stewart’s

Well, Stephen Colbert will apparently be succeeding David Letterman as host of The Late Show. Personally, I’m not that concerned. For one thing, I’m sure Colbert will do a fine job. For another, I haven’t watched Letterman for years anyway (though I used to watch quite a bit). The thing that struck me was finding myself contrasting the career tracks of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

I mean, Colbert was a smaller player on Stewart’s The Daily Show for a while there before getting his own show. His show was a humorous political show similar to The Daily Show. Now he’s going to be moving up to a bigger time general variety show.

Meanwhile, Jon Stewart was a smaller player way back in the early nineties in his own general variety show on MTV, The Jon Stewart Show. Then he moved up when he went to head the humorous political show that is The Daily Show.

Isn’t that at least mildly amusing? They both have moved up to bigger things…but in completely opposite paths. Okay, maybe it isn’t so interesting. I just thought it was an amusing observation, a connection between the two stars.

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