I’ve Got This Stuck In My Head Again. Now You Do Too.

I’ve got this stuck in my head again. Now you do too.

You’re welcome.

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Facebook: Please Learn When I’ve Already Used You To Wish People A Happy Birthday

Facebook: please learn when I’ve already used you to wish people a happy birthday. ‘Kay. Thanks.

I admit, I rely on Facebook’s birthday reminders to remember a lot of people’s birthdays. I do tend to wish more people a happy birthday as a result of the reminders and I actually appreciate getting them. I also don’t mind a notification popping up if I’ve missed wishing people on the reminder list a happy birthday. However, the reminder about the day’s list often pops up after I’ve already used the list to send my wishes.

The list even already shows that this has been done.

If so, why send me that notification? I get more notifications than I can handle anyway…why not cut one they know is useless? It already knows I sent wishes…why not determine therefore to skip the notification.

They don’t do that.

Seriously, it takes a lot to keep up with everything on social media. I can use every hand they can give me. A notification about this that their system already knows is redundant doesn’t lead to any potential revenue for them…so why not cut it out?

Sincerely, a pointless complainer.

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Balzac (Snicker)

Balzac. (Snicker)

You know you were thinking it.

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Your Surreal Moment Of The Day

Now for your surreal moment of the day. I wondered what would turn up if I searched “bobcat hot dog animated gif” on Google images.  This is what I got:

I don’t know why an image from Nothing But Trouble came up, but there we go. Definitely an odd role for Dan Aykroyd.

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Congratulations To The University Of Nebraska MFA in Writing Summer 2017 Graduates!

Congratulations to the University of Nebraska MFA in Writing Summer 2017 graduates!

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This Is The Only Reason I’ll Ever Want To Get Headboards And Footboards For My Bed

This is the only reason I’ll ever want to get headboards and footboards for my bed.

Gotta have a bedknob for when I learn magic, which I’m certainly holding out for.

Aren’t I an adult?

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