More Fun With Classic Paintings! Thomas Hart Benton And Adam Sandler’s “Buddy”

Time for more fun with paintings. Today, let’s take Thomas Hart Benton’s famous painting The Wreck of the Ole ’97. Let’s mash that up with “Buddy” by Adam Sandler (yeah, I know people hate Sandler now…but it fits here so let’s go with it). Let’s see what we get.


Personally, I think it works. It’s possible that I’m deranged, probably even, but I still think it works.

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First CD I Ever Owned?

I’ve seen the question going around: What was the first CD you ever bought? (Or owned, I suppose). Personally, I bought my first two CDs on the same day, and kind of enjoy the cognitive dissonance between the two. Here we go:

Of course, I already owned plenty of music by that point. I didn’t get a CD player until 1992, necessitating the purchase of CDs and the purchasing of CDs having been pointless before that. I’d bought plenty of casette tapes, records, and even a few 8-tracks previous to that day.

Still, I like the juxtapositon of the simultaneous purchase of these two best.

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Live Interview Saturday April 30 On The Funky Writer Online Radio Show At 2:30 PM Mountain Time!

I’ve be interviewed live this Saturday April 30 at 2:30 Mountain time about Not Quite so Stories on The Funky Writer! You should tune in. Should be a great show.


It’ll be archived on the site after that, but live is a one time opportunity. Live is live, and other tautological statements.

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Random book promotion day!!!!! Buy Not Quite so Stories!!!!!


I wouldn’t say no to Goodreads and Amazon reviews either. Those are always appreciated. Sorry, indie authors have to do this sort of thing once in a while.

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New Design For the $10 Bill

I’d like to now reveal the as of yet secret redesign of the United States $10 bill:


Let me know what you think. Personally, I believe it to be an improvement. Maybe that’s just me though.

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Release Party At Still Cellars: I Was So Confused

As I mentioned earlier, I was part of a Release Party reading Saturday April 23, 2016 at Still Cellars Distillery & Art House in Longmont. Hosted by Steven Dunn, readers included Dana Green, Angela Buck, Steven DunnKhadijah QueenKatie Jean Shinkle, and me. It was a great reading and a stellar lineup, but I did get a bit confused. When I got up there to read, everyone started laughing and I had no idea why.

I was hoping people would laugh once I started reading my story, “The Unknowable Agenda of Ursines” from Not Quite so Stories. However, I was not expecting people to start laughing the moment I got up to the mic. That’s what they did though.

What? Did I do something funny? Had I forgotten to zip up my pants when I went to the bathroom? Had I done something I hadn’t realized? I was very confused. That’s when my wife shouted: Your shirt!

You see, Steven had included the fact that I was a patent attorney in my introduction a moment before. As I walked up, everyone saw that I was wearing my “Trust me I’m a lawyer” shirt. My wife bought that for me because she thought it was funny for me to wear it, actually being an attorney. Apparently everyone else thought so, though it took them a second to let me in on the joke I had unwittingly made. I didn’t even remember what shirt I was wearing at that point. It was funny, but a trifle confusing.

It was all good though. I felt fine once I realized what was going on, and got to reading. Everyone seemed to really dig the story, so it was all cool.

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This Ends Now: Felix the Cat

I don’t know why I started using animated gifs of cartoons as posts. I really don’t. I just kept doing it. Even I was getting bored at some point, but I just kept going. I kept thinking of other cartoons it’d be cool to find animated gifs of. By now, I just decided to round it out and make the theme a whole week (separated by a day for an important informational post). I’m done now though. We’ll finish with Felix the Cat:

Absolutely no more though. Tomorrow I do something else. I swear.

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