A Dumb Animated Gif

What would be your idea of a dumb animated gif? How about one that isn’t really animated?

Seriously. I went searching for “castle greyskull animated gif.” I thought I’d find some cool bit from one of the 80s era commercials where someone was playing with it. I did, but the only animated part is the instability of the television screen on which this was filmed. All this contains is a few seconds of film clip from a no-motion part of a commercial.

How dumb of an animated gif is that? I’m sure someone had a reason for making this, but it seems pretty weird to me.

Of course I had to use it and complain instead of looking for a real motion one.

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Problematic McDonald’s Ad Campaign

I’ve been seeing a McDonald’s ad campaign that struck me as problematic. The focus of the campaign seems to be educating the public that they actually use real fresh eggs, as in just cracked, for the egg mcmuffin. The problem is in that they need to convince us.

Seriously, when I first saw this…I didn’t believe them. I thought they were just suggesting fresh eggs were used, some kind of unenforceable ad puffery, whereas some kind of egg gunk from a carton was actually what was in the sandwich. However, someone told me that fresh eggs are in fact the case, though I haven’t run this down for sure because I don’t care enough. The question then arises…why should they need to convince us?

I mean, what kind of eggs are they using? Exactly what do they do to them? What’s going on that it’s so hard to believe the eggs are fresh? We don’t believe, so that’s a serious problem.

You’d think they’d want to take care of whatever they do that causes the eggs to appear like carton gunk instead of fresh rather than spend the money on an ad campaign to convince us of that fact. Seems like that would be a better use of the money, since otherwise the even admittedly potentially fresh eggs are still a tiny bit nasty.

Just a thought.


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Redux: I Still Haven’t Downloaded The Facebook Messenger App

Well, it’s been over two years since I first complained about Facebook taking messaging out of their mobile app and requiring use of their dedicated messenger app. It’s even been over two years since I thumbed my nose at them about this and started using the web browser on my phone when I wanted to send Facebook messages rather than install their messenger app, switching back and forth between the Facebook app and the web browser as needed. It’s even been over a year since my update from that, stating things were still the same. Amazingly, still no change.

Really, I thought they’d force me over by now, killing the ability to send messages from the web browser version on phones. I still think they will, but can’t believe it’s been so long and they haven’t. It’s still irritating to have to do things this way, but I still haven’t gotten irritated enough that I want to download their messenger app.

I may never.

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The Tell-Tale Phelps

Wrapping up “7 days of Michael Phelps,” a little Poe:

phelps-starejpg-e981a703114ee0f3 the tell-tale phelps

Sorry for putting you all through this.

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Drago Phelps

A little Rocky IV, anyone?

phelps-starejpg-e981a703114ee0f3 Drago Phelps

One more day only, I promise.

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The Phelps Bride

Here’s a bit of a switch:

phelps-starejpg-e981a703114ee0f3 The Phelps Bride

Looks like I might really get to seven days of this.

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Rorschach Phelps

Still going. From one Walter to another, involving Walters whose dialogue I often find can switch on graphics of them and still work.

phelps-starejpg-e981a703114ee0f3 Rorschach Phelps

Stay tuned for more “7 days of Michael Phelps.”

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