My Apologies To Everyone

My apologies to everyone. I did it again. Whenever the Super Bowl comes up, I think of one thing, Bill Murray’s monologue (as Hunter Thompson) in Where the Buffalo Roam about the Super Bowl. It’s a decent movie, though not great. The monologue is gold though. I can’t get enough of it. Every time one of my friends mentioned the Super Bowl on Facebook, I felt the urge to post the quote in response. Often I did. Only once did I explain, and only upon request. Most of the time, people didn’t ask.

He became a man the day of the greatest game he ever played. Everything he ever knew about common decency and morality he learned that day in December from Alan “The Horse” Ameche; and today in the Superbowl he would earn his wings. The crowd had assembled; a crowd of America’s elite. Toyota salesmen from all around the country — orientals and even those suspected of being orientals — stacked on the thirty yard line watching him sweat and wipe caked blood from his face. The Gallow brothers — Ernest and Julio — party guys who had skinned a few Mexicans and forced them to carry them on their shoulders down to the pre-game tailgate parties at the colosseum. The Pepsi and Coca Cola bottlers of America — Coke adds life; It’s the real thing — bombarded by missiles; flying flaming matchbook covers. The waterheads from General Motors up in the top seats where they belong; getting the worst of the pollution. All sorts of weird motherfuckers were at the game.

I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.

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Is Home Depot Making A Joke Or Not?

I saw this sign in a Home Depot today:


Are they making a joke or not? This is Colorado, after all. If they weren’t, maybe they should have phrased this differently.

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I Finally Get Around To The “Bernie or Hillary?” Meme

That “Bernie or Hillary?” “Compare them in the issues that matter.” meme has been going around a bit lately. Since I first saw it, I had a thought for my own. I finally decided to get on that.


I shared this on Facebook already, but of course since I was so unreasonably proud of it (as I am most of the memes I actually mess with), I wanted to share it here as well. Clearly, I need attention.

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An Unintended Alternative Reading Of A Scene From “Smoke Signals”

I finally got to see Smoke Signals recently. I intended to watch it almost twenty years ago when everyone else did, but I got into an argument with the friend I was going to the theater with and ended up not going. I finally saw it recently at home, and saw something that wasn’t intended but gave me a different interpretation on a scene.

There’s a flashback scene where Victor Joseph (Adam Beach, though played by Cody Lightning in the childhood flashback scenes) is angrily and disappointedly present for yet another drunken party and his drunken father Arnold Joseph (Gary Farmer) asks him…well, let’s just quote:

Arnold: Hey Victor, who’s your favorite Indian, huh? Who’s your favorite?

Arlene: It’s your momma, huh? Tell him it’s your momma.

Young Victor: (softly) Nobody.

Arnold: What did you say, Victor? Speak up, boy. Who’s your favorite Indian?

Young Victor: Nobody.

Arnold: Nobody, huh? Nobody! Did you say nobody?

Arlene: He didn’t mean it. Come on, tell him Victor. Tell your daddy you didn’t mean it.

Young Victor: Nobody. Nobody. Nobody.

Arlene: You gotta love somebody, Victor.

Arnold: Nobody! Nobody! Nobody!

Now, I understand the snap Victor is supposed to be having here, the betrayal he’s committing out of his anger and disappointment at how he feels everyone, particularly his parents, are squandering their lives and resignedly allowing their lives to be destroyed. However, at that moment, I saw more. It wasn’t intended to be there, but I saw more.

After all, Arnold Joseph:

and Nobody from Dead Man:

See? Gary Farmer, the actor playing Victor’s father, also played Nobody in Dead Man! Don’t get mad, Arnold! Who is Victor’s “favorite Indian?” It’s you! It’s the character you play in Dead Man!

It’s an emotional scene, so humor isn’t really appropriate, but I just couldn’t get over the odd connection I put together for myself there. I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed that.

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Muscle Memory Mixes With Mental Memory

I posted yesterday about how I moved offices at work for the first time in over two years and keep automatically going to the old floor. As an update, things have gotten more complicated now. Now I’m mixing muscle memory with mental memory.

I’m now going to offices that aren’t mine. I’m finding myself arriving at the general correct office location but on the wrong floor or the correct floor but old general office location. Yup, the muscle memory of either the old floor or old office position is being partially overridden by either the current mental memory of my current office location or the current mental memory of the current floor. It’s as if my brain is recognizing that something has changed and we can’t go completely on autopilot, but isn’t overriding the autopilot completely. Only partially.

Either way, I’m ending up at two different offices that aren’t mine. It’s kind embarrassing. Luckily, people aren’t noticing a whole lot. I hope my brain switches over to entirely current soon, or starts new muscle memory of the correct current location.

I’ll probably switch locations again then.

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Two Years Is A Long Time

Two years is a long time. It might not seem like that long, but it’s long enough. It’s long enough to get trained in certain automatic behaviors at least.

I’ve had the same office at where I work for a bit over two years. Recently, I moved floors. You would not believe how many times I’ve gone to the wrong floor now. Seriously, multiple times per day.

I hadn’t realized how much of this had become an automatic behavior. I get in the elevator, I push my floor. Thinking comes a moment later when I realize I pushed the wrong one (sometimes, other times I realize this when the elevator doors open on the wrong floor). Then I have to push the right one.

It isn’t a big deal, or even really a deal at all. I just hadn’t realized how much I was doing without any thought at all. My body trained for the old way, it’s taking a bit to adjust to the new. Even a minor change can be disorienting after two years of constant repetition.

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Randee Of The Redwoods Animated Gif!!!

I reminisced yesterday about the time Randee of the Redwoods “ran” for president. How could I do that without following up with an animated gif of Randee?

Well, pretty easily I suppose. It’s not like this adds much to my previous post. One might even think I’m milking a single topic into two days. However, the above is at least from Randee’s presidential “run” (at least I think so, it looks like it so that’s good enough). Doesn’t that count for something?

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