Ha! There Are Poutine Animated Gifs!

Ha! There are poutine animated gifs!

Not just one, many. There are tons. The above was just my favorite one I found. There is no reason this should surprise me, but the number I found kind of did.

Great…now I want poutine.

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Dear WordPress: Your New Editor Sucks

Dear WordPress: Your new editor sucks. That is all.

Seriously, WordPress. A while back you went to a new editor. It was supposed to be new and cool, but it’s just flashier and less easy to use. It hides features, and it pointlessly burdensome on graphics so it is much slower.

Your stuff is slow enough as is.

I know I use your stuff for free. I know this. I also know that I still don’t like your new editor. I still go the couple extra steps each time to wind my way into the old editor, which is still much faster and easier to use. You keep showing me messages each time about how you have a new editor that is so much better. It isn’t true though, your new editor sucks and I won’t use it unless I’m force to.

Please don’t force me to use your new editor. It sucks.

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I Would Pay Extra To Have My Advertising Be Like Nihilist Arby’s

I was thinking today about advertising, and how we pretty much have to suffer through it for all the stuff we don’t want to have to pay for advertisement free. I was also thinking about Nihilist Arby’s:

Then I started thinking, I would pay extra to have my advertisements like Nihilist Arby’s. I would actually be more likely to buy products from a company that advertised like that, not just laugh at fake advertisements. I really would. I’d even pay for the privilege as opposed to having to suffer the kind of advertisements I normally do.

Madison Avenue, get on this.

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This Is Me At The Gym:

This is me at the gym (hint: not the buff guy):

See why I don’t go? It’s better for everyone.

I remembered this for a comment on someone’s Facebook post and decided it was enough for an entire blog post. Don’t prove me wrong.

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Portrait Of Durian Gray

Portrait of Durian Gray:

Apologies for the lack of graphic design tool skills.

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The Original Is The Only One For This Too

The original is the only one for this too.

You’ll never change my mind on this. People have tried.

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F-bomb Is Tomorrow!

F-bomb is tomorrow! It’s going to be an especially good one. Brian Dickson is hosting, featuring Hillary Leftwich. You won’t want to miss this, for a number of reasons. As usual, I’ll be signing up to read at the open mic portion.

Tuesday June 21, 7:30 at The Mercury Cafe, 2199 California St, Denver. Don’t be late. I have it on authority that the plan is to start on time.

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