Amazon Delivery Lies

I became concerned the other day when I learned that a package from Amazon had been delivered at my house. I was concerned because the notes from Amazon’s own delivery service stated that the package had been handed to a resident. This was concerning because no one was home.

Was there a burglar at my house accepting packages? Had they handed it to one of my cats? Did they have the wrong address and the person at that wrong address didn’t say anything?

No, it turns out that they just left it at my front door and lied about handing it to a resident. Though my front door is in fact on the premises of my home, I would not count it as a resident.

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Why Am I Suddenly Getting Spam Comments in French?

I get a lot of spam comments on here. Most are in English, though some are in Spanish, Russian, Korean, and so on. I don’t remember having gotten ones in French before, but suddenly I’m getting a couple a day. I wonder what’s behind that.

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I Am Not Caring For “Miss MacIntosh, My Darling”

I am not caring for Miss MacIntosh, My Darling by Marguerite Young.

That is all.

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Facebook Memories Needs To Have An “Unpleasant” Setting

Facebook memories really needs to have an “unpleasant” setting. You know, something where it remembers that a post isn’t pleasant and doesn’t offer it up years later in memories.

I just got to relive the memory of being angry over a frustrating flight delay five years ago (the sort where the flight is still listed as on time while waiting without a plane well past departure time with no information or reason). All of a sudden, I’m having a great morning.

And that is by far not the worst. I’ve heard of Facebook happily reminding people about significant others leaving/dying, diagnosis of disease, financial crash, rejections, and all kinds of other things. Thanks, Facebook!

All they need is something to tag posts as something people would rather not be reminded of. Surely they could do that.

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Are…Are These Lyrics?

I was looking at this spam comment and I’m trying to figure out if it is lyrics to a song I don’t know:

Dark-colored concerning dark with the Battery charger
I’m creepin’ Chafe others the right way, you obtain a genie, ebony Houdini

They don’t make any sense to me, but it kind of sounds like song lyrics. Many songs don’t make sense to me anyway.

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Strength Of A Marriage

People wonder about the strength of a marriage. Well, my wife went away for a week in Cabo with her friends a week ago without us finishing the last two episodes in the most recent season of Stranger Things. She got back today and I did not watch even part of either of these episodes while she was gone. I waited.

I think that says it all.

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Bi-Monthly Book Plug!

Bi-monthly book plug!

NotQuiteSo-72Bones Bured in the Dirt

Remember? I’m doing these twice a month now in order to have to write fewer blog posts that require actual thought.

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