Have You Noticed My Posts Start Getting Very Cursory When I Go Out Of Town?

Have you noticed that my posts start getting very cursory when I go out of town? Almost as if I want to schedule them all before I go so I don’t have to worry about them? Lots of animated gifs and quick, lame jokes?

There’s no reason I’m mentioning this after the last four days or so. I’m just wondering.

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This Moment Is Brought To You By Bananas

This moment is brought to you by bananas.

This moment was brought to you by bananas.

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There’s Not Even An Explanation For This.

There’s not even an explanation for this.

Maybe I need to sleep more.

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An Animated Gif Of The Nebraska Highway

Here is an animated gif of the Nebraska highway.

Really, it’s an animated gif. I’m not trying to make some kind of lame joke that the view along the Nebraska highway appears to never change. I wouldn’t do something like that.

(Maybe I would.)

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I don’t know why this seemed funny when I thought of it. It no longer did by the time I even finished writing this post, but I stuck with it anyway. I’m like that.

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I Love Making A Meme Almost No One Gets And Fewer Like

Take one celebrity who was big 30 years ago. Combine with a reference that is totally unrelated to the celebrity and comes from a sporting event with a less than universal appeal that occurred even longer ago. What you’ll have is a meme that perhaps 10 people get and at most 5 people find funny.

That’s my sweet spot.

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

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I Really Have To Wonder If Facebook Revenues Are Down

I really have to wonder if Facebook revenues are down. All of a sudden, I’m getting tons of “notifications” from them separately for each page I run (I have a page for each of my books as well as an author page) trying to get me to boost posts.

  • Other admins have boosted posts like this!
  • Boost this post to get more views!
  • We’ll give you $30 to boost this post!
  • Finish boosting this post for a bigger reach!
  • Such and such friend of yours recommended (no they didn’t) you boost this post!

I wouldn’t mind one or two, but all of a sudden there are a ton of these. One some pages I’m getting them 7-10 times more than I’m getting any actual notifications. That’s way too much, always making me get on to clear notifications way more often than anything is going on for the page. The pages are minor things to begin with so I’m not boosting anything, and I know how crap a thing boosting is from hearing how much people have spent with little or nothing to show for it (usually nothing other than the expense). I don’t know if there’s a way to shut these dumb things off, but they’re making the pages way more bother than they are worth. Thinking about deleting the pages if Facebook doesn’t cut out suggesting I boost posts so often.

It just seems so desperate.

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