I Kind Of Want To Try Wiener Water Soup With Hot Dog Gravy

I kind of want to try wiener water soup with hot dog gravy.

If I’m remembering it all correctly, my friend took a course from a professor who’d served as a tribal court judge. A habeas corpus petition came across his desk involving a protest over jail/prison conditions. Apparently, a particular regularly served meal was titled “wiener water soup with hot dog gravy.” It was boiled hot dogs still in the water, that was the whole meal. The judge called the in charge person into court about it, and the person responded: “Awwww, I don’t know what those guys are complaining about.”

It’s always just been an odd story, but I kind of wonder what “wiener water soup with hot dog gravy” would taste like. Surely not much, or good, but the story doesn’t feel complete if I haven’t had it.

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More RTD Problems

Remember me complaining about how RTD keeps switching drivers on my route so no one gets used to it? Yeah, one recently was apparently new enough that he drove off route.

I wasn’t actually on at the time. I’d just gotten off the bus the stop before. I get off the bus two blocks from my work and walk the rest of the way because the bus turns after my work and doesn’t stop for another block. My stop is just easier.

I cross a street on the way there though where the light is frequently green but displays a red hand to indicate pedestrians shouldn’t go because there might be turning traffic. Rather than wait, I usually look to see a bus in that lane because no bus turns there. They all go straight. Frequently, due to traffic, it’s the bus I just left. I did that like normal, and had to stop before my bus almost turned into me.

Yeah, he turned a block early.

Granted, it wasn’t close at all and just violated my expectations that no bus would turn there, but it only happened because he didn’t know his route. Probably wasn’t even a big deal because there was only one more stop before the one where the driver takes a break, so it wasn’t as if anyone else would likely be getting on.

Still, it wouldn’t have been a problem at all if the driver knew the route.

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People Keep Talking About That “Mother!” Movie

People keep talking about that Mother! movie. Whether it’s good, whether it’s bad, all that. Whenever they mention it though, I immediately think that they should tell their children not to walk my way. I think they should even tell their children not to hear my words, what they mean and/or what they say. I mean, Mother!?

I can’t help this.

It kind of ruins the idea of the movie for me, whatever it’s about.

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I’m Uncertain How To Feel About The Toys”R”Us Bankruptcy

I’m uncertain how to feel about the Toys”R”Us bankruptcy. I suppose the potential loss of the icon from my childhood bothers me. It is just chapter 11 for the moment, so it’s not all done quite yet. I also can’t feel too bad if it goes because it needs to go. I guess I just don’t know how to feel.

I mean, I can remember one being around somewhat near my house since I was maybe 7 or 8 or so. It was the biggest toy store I knew of at the time, the dream. At the same time, I don’t think I went there very often. I spent more time in the toy aisle at Target. Toys”R”Us was perhaps to rich for my blood, or just a little too far. Maybe it was just that my parents didn’t often go there.

And I do have to think how much more disappointing it had seemed the last few times I went there. Perhaps it was just that I was older, but it didn’t seem the same as when I was a kid. I’d be much more concerned about losing what I remembered of the icon as a kid than what I remembered seeing the last time I went in one of their stores…and that was around 17 years ago at least. Obviously I only have so much of a reason to care…other than as a childhood icon.

But I’m rambling here. I don’t really have too much to say beyond what I said right off the bat and I just keep talking anyway. It just seems weird to imagine Toys”R”Us potentially gone, regardless whether or not I have any personal reason for it to still be here.

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Not Quite So Stories won the 2017 Nebraska Book Award in the anthology category!

Not Quite So Stories  won the 2017 Nebraska Book Award in the anthology category! I already shared the heck out of this on Facebook and Twitter, but I wanted to share again here for anyone who follows me on here instead of there.

People should check out the book, maybe pick up a copy on Amazon.


Life is absurd, ultimately beyond our comprehension, in [some awesome accomplishment] David Atkinson’s latest short story collection Not Quite So Stories. Themes of adolescence, marriage, work, and death intersect in stories that will leave the reader at times amused, sorrowful, pensive, hopeful, and marveling at the bizarre things that make people tick.

Amazon and Goodreads reviews would be cool too.

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Parallels Between Rick and Morty and Clerks: The Animated Series

I was watching the “Morty’s Mind Blowers” episode of Rick and Morty the other day. That episode, hopefully not giving any spoilers here, involves clips of things that Rick has removed from Morty’s memory, often at his request. Rick breaks the fourth wall to state that they’re basically going to have a clip show of material that viewers haven’t seen before. That seemed pretty funny.

But then I started thinking about the “The Clipshow Wherein Dante and Randal are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments in Their Lives” episode of Clerks: The Animated Series. That episode was memorable for the fact that they were basically doing a clip show on the second episode of the series. All they had was the first episode to flash back to (and we don’t even really need to get into the fact that only 6 episodes of the series were ever made, and only two were aired, and out of order, and that the first episode was not aired before the second at all, giving them really nothing to flash back to). They flashed back to the first episode though, then to earlier in episode 2 itself, then just to seconds before, and then to stuff that never even happened. As such, they did a clip show of material viewers hadn’t seen before long before Rick and Morty.

Mind you, none of that matters. Rick and Morty did the concept in a very different way, and most new ideas are variants of old ideas anyway.  Perhaps the Rick and Morty writers remembered episode 2 of Clerks: The Animated Series, but perhaps not. It might be a total coincidence, and neither episode diminishes the merits of the other whether there was an influence or not.

I just thought it was funny that something reminded me of that old Clerks cartoon.

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Confession: I have never seen an episode of Twin Peaks.

I don’t just mean the new stuff, I mean any of it.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to watch the show, I just don’t recall ever having had the opportunity when it was on. I was intrigued, at least vaguely aware of the show and what it involved, but I never got around to watching a single episode. I think I can access all of the original on demand, but I haven’t done that yet because of the time it would take.

Maybe someday I will.

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