Imma Get Rich And Hire Someone To Repeatedly Set Up That Mouse Trap Game For Me To Trip

I used to love Mouse Trap. However, the game itself didn’t interest me. I just enjoyed tripping the machine at the end. It wasn’t enough of a payoff to keep setting it up though, so I didn’t trip it often. It was just too much work. Then I thought, why not get rich and hire someone to just set it up for me to trip over and over?

Now all I gotta do is become ridiculously wealthy so I can afford that.

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Everything You Need To Know About Me

I had wanted a chemistry set for many years, but I finally got one going into my freshman year in middle/high school. The only even vaguely complicated part included was the distillation apparatus. It was just a straight glass tube and you were supposed to heat it in the middle using the provided alcohol lamp so you could bend it into the required shape so one end could go in a test tube where the substance to be distilled would be heated and the other end could go in the destination test tube where the water vapor would cool and condense. I am not patient or remotely handy and this was too much for me.

I got the tube bent halfway before it broke. I never was able to do any of the distillation apparatus experiments.

I think that says everything you need to know about me.

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Shakespeare Ignored Parts Of History To Make It Fit His Themes

Shakespeare ignored parts of history to make it fit his themes. We see this most today on the Ides of March. We all know the line from Julius Caesar:

Caesar: Et tu, Brute! Then fall, Caesar.

However, historically, this is what really happened:

Caesar: Et tu, Brute!

Brutus: Ceasar, you don’t know shit!

He just changed it to fit the mood of his play. You can’t rely on Shakespeare  for anything.

(Note, only fans of Bound may get this joke.)

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Isn’t It Weird When The Intro Is More Interesting Than The Game?

Isn’t it weird when the intro is more interesting than the game? I had a Playstation II back in 2000 and somehow I ended up with a copy of Nightmare Creatures. I loved the intro, but I only even ended up playing the game so much. I’d usually watch the intro, and then run around killing things for a while. Then I’d get bored and shut it off.

Why? I loved the intro. Unfortunately, I think the most interesting character was the villain. I was much more captivated by what was going on with him. My character just hacked up some things. It felt like just another slash game. The intro was where all the coolest stuff was at, which would have made for a very different game.

Can’t fight what interests you and what doesn’t, I suppose.

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I Don’t Have A High Opinion Of United Wifi Right Now

I don’t have a high opinion of the wifi on United flights right now. It seems worse than other airlines. I know others who had much worse experiences with their flights recently and it isn’t a huge deal, but it really seems kind of shoddy on the part of United. It doesn’t inspire much faith.

On my flight out I had problems, but they did something about it. I paid for wifi for a three hour flight and it stopped working after 2. They took care of it on their own though, sending out a refund on their own. My flight back was more problematic.

I tried to sign up for one hour. The wifi was so bad that the signup timed out and they said it didn’t go through. I realized there was more time left in the flight than I had thought, so I redid the request but for two hours. Turns out, both processed.

They charged me for both even though they said the first had not gone through.

Even better, the wifi was horrible. It worked decently about 30% of the time, and not at all about 50% of the time. I tried to send in a complaint through their system, but that failed four separate times. There was literally no way to complain and ask for a refund. It kept saying to correct “the error below,” but did not list an error. It was just as messed up as the wifi they were providing.

It isn’t a huge deal. The flight was pretty much on time, I didn’t have to pay for carry on luggage, and all that. No big turbulence issues. Still, if they want $5.99 an hour for wifi, I kind of expect it to work. I also expect the wifi purchasing system to work, and the complaint system to work for when it doesn’t.

All in all I was pretty unimpressed and am not sure I would ever recommend trying it again.

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We’re Finally Done With All The AWP Posts!!!!!

We’re finally done with all the AWP posts!!!!! It’s time to celebrate!!!!!

Man, even I was getting tired of those things.

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