This One Is Just Weird

This one is just weird.

Someone actually spent the time to make this. Think about that.

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I Was Going To Do A Thanksgiving Banana Animated Gif

I was going to do a Thanksgiving banana animated gif, but I couldn’t find one. Strangely, a google images search for “turkey banana animated gif” yielded this:

You can have it instead.

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You Know We Needed A Creepy Guy In A Banana Suit

You know we needed a creepy guy in a banana suit.

What would a series of animated banana gifs be without that?

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This Seems Like A Good Place To Start

This seems like a good place to start weird animated banana gifs.

Creepy, and a tie in to the previous hot dog animated gifs.

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A Warning!!!!!

A warning!!!!!

I’m about to begin approximately two weeks of weird banana animated gifs here on the blog. I’ll explain why later. I don’t always have a reason for doing these things, but this time I do.

There isn’t be one here because I wanted to warn you first. There will be plenty starting tomorrow.

Get ready.

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Good Wishes For The Nanowrimo People And An Example Of A Previous Nanowrimo: Apocalypse All the Time

Nanowrimo is going on right now, national novel writing month. Just wanted to wish everyone trying that well. I’m doing FlashNano instead, which I’ve done for the past couple years. I have done Nanowrimo before though. The first draft of Apocalypse All the Time was a successful attempt at Nanowrimo a few years back. It took a heck of a lot of rewriting and revision after that to move from what I got out of Nanowrimo to a published book, but it can happen. Thought a reminder of that could help out the people still trying but perhaps struggling a bit to get though the month.

Apocalypse All the Time is post-post-apocalypticism. The apocalypse happens on a weekly (if not daily) basis and Marshall is sick of it. Life is constantly in peril, constantly disrupted, but nothing significant every really happens as a result. It’s always handled. Marshall wants out; he wants it all to end. In short, the book explores what about the end times holds such fascination for humanity and what impact such a fascination has on the way we live our lives.

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The Last Blockbuster Isn’t Completely Impossible

I laugh about The Last Blockbuster, but I suppose it isn’t completely impossible. When people talk about the decline of Blockbuster, I remember how they drove Applause Video out back in 1991-1992 or so.

Then I find this I can’t say for sure it was affiliated or just had the same name and no one cared, but it appears that there was still one hanging on for over twenty years…just off in Hastings where perhaps one one bothered to come in and drive them out.

Suddenly, other than the characteristics of their tweets, The Last Blockbuster doesn’t appear so impossible after all.

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