This Is A Weird Spam Comment From A Payday Loan Place

I just got the weirdest spam comment on here. It was from a payday loan place, very clearly identified in their tagline, but read:

I do not fake to even start to understand the modern South African society, however with the advanced and fraught history
of the Boers in South Africa, do modern South Africans still
relate to the Netherlands alongside racial strains?

What the heck did they think this was applicable to? I can assure you it had nothing to do with my post. Who would write spam copy like this?

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Don’t worry, I’m already ashamed of myself. Justifiably.

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Sunday! At the Inkwell Denver: Flash Fiction Night!

At the Inkwell Denver: Flash Fiction Night is this Saturday! August 19 at 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM BookBar 4280 Tennyson St, Denver, Colorado 80212. You should come on out.

Hosted by Hillary Leftwich, featured readers include Tara Campbell, Kathy Fish, Nancy Stohlman, Trent Hudley, Brian Seemann, and me!

I’ll be reading from Roses are Red, Violets are Stealing Loose Change from my Pockets While I Sleep. It’s gonna be a great night.

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You Gotta Remember The Giants

You gotta take time to stop and remember the giants among us when they pass.


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I Accidentally Deleted A Spam Comment I Was Going To Share With You

I accidentally deleted a spam comment. I was going to share it with you, links removed, because it looked like a haiku. It wasn’t a haiku, the syllables were off for a start, but it looked like one. I thought it’d be funny. Instead, I accidentally deleted it with all the other spam comments. Sorry.

As a replacement, please enjoy this animated gif of actual spam:

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A Mountain!

I was going to draw a mountain here using ^’s on different rows. I discovered something. I suck at trying to do something like that. Then I gave up. This person was much better at it:

Yeah, I’m out of ideas today.

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The August Fbomb Surprise Is Tomorrow Night!

The August Fbomb Surprise is tomorrow night!

7:30 PM Tuesday August 14th at the Mercury Café 2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205.

There are few writing techniques more impactful than surprising the reader with something they do not expect. Not a trick, but something done in an unexpected way. Well, surprise! Fbomb Denver will be on the second Tuesday of August instead of the third for the first time the writer of this description is aware, perhaps ever.

To celebrate our surprise, I’m bringing you Natanya Ann Pulley. Natanya Ann Pulley is a Diné writer of fiction and non-fiction. She’s published work in numerous journals including The Collagist, The Offing, McSweeney’s, Waxwing, and As/Us. Her essays have been anthologized in #NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women, Creating a Compass: Essays for New Creative Writing Teachers, Women Write Resistance, and more. A former editor of Quarterly West and South Dakota Review, she is currently the founding editor of the Colorado College literary journal, Hairstreak Butterfly Review. Natanya is an assistant professor of English at Colorado College where she teaches Literature by Native American writers, Fiction Writing, and Experimental Forms in Ethnic Literature. Her short story collection With Teeth will be published Fall 2019 by New Rivers Press as a 2018 winner of the Many Voices Project competition.

We will also have a number of special guest readers: April Bradley, Pavlos Stavropoulos, Jayne Martin, Anne Weisgerber, Chelsea Voulgares, Nancy Stohlman, and Paul Beckman. Open mic spots will be available, though fewer than are normally available due to the number of guests…so arriving early to claim a spot is recommended.

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