The FBOMB Borderland Denver Tuesday June 20 7:30 PM!

The FBOMB Borderland

We think of borders as lines, but nothing in life is that simple and neat. Borders are not sharp edges where one thing ends and another begins, but places where different ways of being mix. This coming together of difference shakes up life, and spawns conflict, change, and innovation. It is often where we as writers have the chance to work up something new.

Cultures mix at borders, languages and life views. The FBOMB Borderland is all about that. Gabino Iglesias will visit us from Austin, Texas to read from his barrio noir novel, Zero Saints. Zero Saints involves many borders, the mixing of English and Spanish, the mixing of gritty crime drama with literary style writing, and the borders between this world and the next.

So come on out Tuesday June 20 7:30PM at the Mercury Café 2199 California Street, Denver, CO 80205. Bring your own mixed language flash fiction or other pieces (or other border exploration, genre borders, cultural borders, and so on) to read for the four minute open mic slots, or just come to listen. Check out the Facebook page for the event to let us know you’re coming.

Hopefully Santa Muerte will be kindly disposed to us.

Gabino Iglesias is a writer, journalist, and book reviewer living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of Gutmouth, Hungry Darkness, and Zero Saints, which was nominated for the Wonderland Book Award and optioned for film in 2016. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Verbicide, Electric Literature, The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, Marginalia, Entropy Magazine, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Out of the Gutter, HorrorTalk, Red Fez, Flash Fiction Offensive, Drunk Monkeys, and many other print and online venues as well as in a bunch of anthologies. He is the book reviews editor for PANK Magazine and a columnist for LitReactor. He’s addicted to books, music, and tacos.

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Spotlight On Danger Slater

Just because I feel like it today, let’s have a spotlight on some of the books of Danger Slater.

You should buy some of these.

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Yup, I’m Not Writing Enough

Yup, I’m not writing enough. I just reached my Goodreads yearly challenge…on May 24.

I always put down 150. I read 200-300 a year, but I always put down 150. That’s a good reminder for me. It’s a comfortable minimum where I feel like I’m reading at a good enough pace. Sufficient. Normally I reach that late July or early August.

As I said, I just hit it May 24 this year. I still have 7 more months to go. Some have been shorter books so maybe that’s part of it, but not all, so it’s not all of it. Those 150 books totaled 38,578 pages, resulting in an average of 257 pages a book. That’s not exactly pamphlets, so no dice there.

I’m just spending a lot of time reading.

I might even break my record (318 in 2011), for all the good that does. What it all really means is that I’m not spending enough time writing. I always read a great deal when I’m not spending enough time writing.

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Let’s Share The Link For Purchase

In honor of Not Quite so Stories getting finalist for short story for both the Best Book Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards, let’s share the link for purchasing it.


Seems like the right thing to do.

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This Is Not A Post

This is not a post.

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Beware Sleestak!

Beware Sleestak!

It’s just the smart thing to do.

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