Have I Done A Book Plugging Post In A While?

Have I done a book plugging post in a while? I haven’t? Let’s fix that.

NotQuiteSo-72Bones Bured in the Dirt

Reviews on Goodreads and Amazon are cool too.

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Am I The Only One Who Thinks Of This When They See This?

Am I the only one who thinks of this:

when they see this:


Better hope Michael Myers doesn’t want that money. Loomis doesn’t have much success stopping him.

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Cousin Larry!

I recently watched the movie version of Noises Off made a while back. I was enjoying it, but suddenly found myself screaming: COUSIN LARRY!

How often do I run across Mark Linn-Baker in something these days (I’m sure he’s still in plenty of stuff, but just not stuff I watch)? Not everyone was a fiend for Perfect Strangers back in the day, but I sure was.

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I Kind Of Want To See What That Would Be

I noticed a news article related to the March of the Juggalos recently and commented on it to my wife. For some reason, she thought I said the March of the Gigolos.

I kind of want to see what that would be like. I’m not sure D.C. is ready.

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Danger Slater Should Have Seen This Coming

Danger Slater should have seen it coming. Ya’ll know Danger, author of Puppet Skin, I Will Rot Without YouDangerRAMALove Me, and more. He posted how he was selling books out somewhere the other day with someone (he didn’t say where or with whom) and a lady came up to them and said “Oooh, I like your costumes.”  Then he mentioned that they hadn’t been wearing costumes. He should have foreseen that I’d reply with this:

After all, he was one of my featured readers at the Fbomb Flash Fiction Reading Series event I held commemorating (a year late) the 30th anniversary of Once Bitten. Heck, we had a costume contest as part of that where the recipient was supposed to insist that they weren’t wearing a costume. Honestly, I thought he was feeding me a line.

Not sure why he wasn’t expecting it. He should have been.


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One More

I know I’m supposed to be done with the running thing on animated gifs of The Simpsons. Just one more though.

There. Now I’m done.

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