Humor And The Apocalypse

Having written a humorous take on the apocalypse novel (Apocalypse All the Time) I think it’s clear I had to have been influenced by Night of the Comet.

I mean, valley girls and zombies? Death comets? A girl who is saved because she was sleeping in an aluminum garden shed and was thus spared from the horrible comet rays? Yeah, this movie was right up my alley. It’s a classic.


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The Midnight Potato Museum Is Next Week!

The Midnight Potato Museum event I’ll be reading at is next week! May 6!

Hosted by Don’t Yell at Me, it’s a a potato themed art show/poetry reading at The Firehouse Art Center (667 4th Ave, Longmont, Colorado 80501) in Longmont. $5 Suggested Donation. Show starts at 7:00ish. There’ll be poetry, music, art, bears, and plenty of potatoes! Readings by: Connor Magyar, Jay Halsey, Dustin Holland, Alex White, me and more TBA.  Music by: FAKEASSMOON and Sevenity.

 Check out the Facebook page and come on out May 6!

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Instead Of A Post Today….

Instead of a post today, here’s the Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, Garfield in Disguise special instead:

This was one of my favorite Halloween specials ever.

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It Gets Worse

It gets worse. Remember that post I did poking fun at the sign on the vacant lot offering to “build to suit” because I wasn’t sure what they were saying by the use of quotation marks around the phrase? Of course you do:

Anyway, it gets better…or worse. I noticed they also have a sign on the fence directly around the corner. This one is correct, no quotation marks:

That means someone knew quotation marks were improper and put what they really meant about build to suit in question. However, the sign above is still there, just around the corner from this other one. One offers to build to suit, and the other to “build to suit.” They have both up.

What the heck is going on here?

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This Is Me Today

This is me today.

This is going to be a LOOOONG week.

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Happy April 24th!

Happy April 24th!

Happy April 24th!






No, I don’t know of this day being a holiday for any particular reason. It probably is, but that has nothing to do with this post.

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Of Course The Woman Talking On Her Phone On The Bus Was Worried About Her Husband’s Parole Revocation

Of course there was a woman talking loudly and angrily on the phone the entire half hour bus ride this morning. I use that time to read and it’s a big pet peeve to get that wrecked for an entire morning. Of course she was calling person after person, angrily trying to find out what was going on with her husband’s parole revocation. Apparently, they’d been out somewhere the night before and she made him drive, but he got some kind of ticket and was back in jail. She didn’t seem clear on why.

This drove me up a wall.

But…I tried to feel some compassion. It wouldn’t help her or him at all, but I tried to feel it anyway. Sure there was no way to not have her and his extremely private business aired out before everyone on the bus with her talking so loudly and angrily, sometimes on speakerphone, in such a public place. However, I thought about how earth-shattering an event this was for them, how panicked she probably was and how she probably had no idea what to do. Bus etiquette was surely the last thing that was important to her at that point.

I focused on how this meant she probably wasn’t going to be able to pay rent because she no longer had a car to hustle up the money (I heard all this, I’m not assuming. I’m guessing the car he’d been driving must have been impounded or something.). I focused on how her husband was apparently only allowed out of his cell for an hour a day and she had no idea what the reason was for his current incarceration. Her life was clearly in a huge crisis and she was probably doing the best she could to try to get a handle on it. Combine that with the fact that he’s likely not getting out for at least a few days under any circumstances (fixed parole issue, bond, whatever) since it was Friday and most jails wait until Monday rather than release over weekends.

I tried to give her sympathy, even though she couldn’t use it for crap, rather than the mounting irritation that wouldn’t have done me any good anyway.

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