Wait…I Don’t Have To Do That!

I used to have homeowner’s and auto insurance through a company. My wife insisted we were paying too much, but the intertia to change was big. As part of our recent move, we cancelled homeowner’s and switched to renter’s for a while. Then, my wife found new homeowner’s and auto that was way cheaper than what we were paying before. We finally didn’t need the renter’s or old auto so I called to cancel the old company. They said I needed to send them the dec pages from both. This seemed like a huge hassle, and even more so when I realized they wanted the dec pages from the new insurances. Then I realized, wait…I DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT!

Seriously, the agent presented this as if I had to do this to cancel. Once I thought about it though, I realized it was just a request…but not phrased as a request.

After all, all that is required to cancel coverage is notice to cancel. I’d given them that. I didn’t need to provide details of my new insurance to affect cancellation, that was just to show them that their coverage might be overpriced. It would be helpful to them, and possibly to other people they insure…but it didn’t do crap for me.

Why would they expect me to do any additional work? I’ve got enough going on with moving. Screw that. I told them no.

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I Also Hate The Aftereffects Of Moving

I’ve been repeatedly talking about how I hate moving. Due to the extended move I’ve been suffering, I’ve talked on here about how I hate moving, how I still hate moving, and how I continue to hate moving. However, I now have something new to indicate my hatred of.

I hate the aftereffects of moving.

I hate unpacking. I hate transferring services. I hate updating addresses. I hate taking care of the endless little problems that always come up.

I hate all of it.

Just so you know. Wouldn’t want to be incomplete.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I couldn’t find a pic of Quackers and a BBQ, and didn’t feel like going through the effort of trying to cobble one together myself with my extremely limited graphic software skills, so here’s a pic of Tom and Jerry at a BBQ and then a pic of them with Quackers:

That works, right?

Anyway, Happy Easter!

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Is Jeb Bush Going To Have a Tense Holiday?

I haven’t really looked into this, but I’ve heard that Jeb Bush has been occasionally trying to distance himself from his brother George W in recent months, such as on Iraq and spending. I’m sure it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the way it’s seemed. I can understand too. Jeb has to make his own way politically and though many people liked W, many people didn’t…and maybe too many of W’s old supporters are already pledged to other candidates. In any event, I think the bigger question is whether all of this will make Jeb’s holidays tense.

I mean, does W understand? Does he care? Or, does it make him a little miffed?

Just imagine:

Jeb: “George, would you pass the turkey?”

W: “Bite me, Jeb.”

At least, that’s the way I imagine it. I’m sure W takes it all in stride and understands why Jeb thinks it’s necessary…but my way is funnier.


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Here Are Some Other Things North Korea Faked

North Korea apparently claimed to have fired a ballistic missle from a submarine. However, the U.S. and various experts claim that the photos North Korea advanced as proof of the launch were faked. Whether or not the missile launch photos are faked, here are some things North Korea did fake photos of:

– Photos of Kim Jong-un were doctored to turns his ordinary bowl cut into the stylish do we all associate him with.

– Photos of Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman were all faked. Actually, it was Moses Malone in the pics. North Korea just didn’t feel Malone had enough street cred with modern kids. Malone still isn’t sure what he was doing in those pics.

– In many military photos, several flags were removed because officials thought they made the troops look “cluttered.”

– All photos of North Korea have had their color adjusted since 1982 since a strange atmospheric effect makes all photographs there come out with a blue tint.

– Frowns/grimaces were added to several military leaders in the photo below because North Korean officials thought they looked too jovial. You figure out which:

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Do I Still Hate Moving? Let Me Check….

I’ve posted on here how I hate moving. Given that I’ve been involved in a move that, due to circumstances, had to extend over several months, I even updated that I continued to hate moving. However, it’s been a little bit. One might wonder…do I still hate moving?

Hang on, let me check….

Yup, I still hate moving. It doesn’t appear that will change any time soon. Hopefully the move will be done soon, though.

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I Love The Billy Bookcase At IKEA

I just want to say that I love the Billy bookcase at IKEA:

I have a lot of books. Somwhere between 1000-2000 (I haven’t counted recently). I never buy really nice shelves because I want the most room for books and want to spend most of my money on books. For years, I’ve been buying the 5 shelf bookshelves at Walmart or Target.

However, these shelves have increasingly sucked over the years. The particle board has been getting flimsier and flimsier, and the attachment mechanisms have been getting cheaper and cheaper. We won’t even discuss the instructions.

Seriously, the last ones I bought at both Walmart and Target had the main sides come in two pieces that attached together by dowels or plastic pieces, and not even securely. They would barely hold together, and two broke recently when I tried to move them completely empty. I was done.

But the Billy? I just put my first one together and love it. THe sides are actually one piece, so much stronger. The wood is better. The attachment mechanisms are better. Even the instructions are better. The whole thing is better. It even is a bit taller, having one more shelf while still fitting under the standard ceiling height. I won’t ever buy the ones at Target or Walmart anymore.

Is it more expensive than the ones at Target or Walmart? I think so. I can’t find the one at Target any more. They may have gotten so crappy that Target stopped carrying any to avoid the bad press. Walmart still appears to sell some for $40 or so, but the extra $40 is well worth it.

I’m not going back. I have too many books to do otherwise.

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