The Relevance Of My Facebook News Feed Is Not Constant

I just wanted to tell everybody, the relevance of items of my Facebook news feed is not constant. If I have lots of time and have scrolled through recently, many things are going to be relevant. However, if I am rushed and have a ton to scroll through (particularly while feeling rushed), relevance goes down. I will quickly scroll by things I would otherwise have paid attention to.

Why can’t Facebook account for that?

Anyway, I just wanted my Facebook people to know that, since this phenomenon can cause me to miss seeing updates when I’m rushed that I would otherwise see when not rushed.  People may note that I’m posting this to my blog instead of Facebook. That’s so I can consider my Facebook friends notified but run less risk of getting complained at for the fact that I do this.

Everyone can consider themselves notified.

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I’m Going To Stop Bugging People To Vote “Hollidays Gone Wrong” Story Of The Month

Well, “Hollidays Gone Wrong” is now in fourth place over at Bartleby Snopes and needs well over double the votes it has already just to catch up. My sincerest apprecation to all the cool people who voted, but I think it’s time for me to stop bugging people.

I think the story is just too far behind in the vote at this point for my bugging people to be effective. I’d just make people angry while trying to get a few more votes. Short of somebody famous like George Takei taking notice of this and stumping for it themselves in a really short amount of time, I think “Hollidays Gone Wrong” is out of the running.

Again, lot of cool people voted, but there’s just so many votes this time that I think my chances are done (which is cool since all the stories this month are definitely good and it’s cool to see people so involved). I think it’s time I stopped campaigning and let everyone get on with their lives undisturbed from now on.

Of course, I say this while I’m this far behind. If I got close again I might feel compelled to start stumping again for votes. If it’s not close though, I’ll keep my mouth shut from here on out.

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Handicapped Traffic Must Turn Left

I was out driving the other day when I saw this street sign:


Clearly, it means that handicapped traffic must turn left (look carefully at the yellow sign at the top left).

I don’t agree with this at all. Why do the handicapped have to turn left and no one else? Do they mean that the road ahead  isn’t fit for mobility apparatuses and so people using one need to exit? If so, why are they expecting someone in that situation to be out on the road like that instead of in a car? Wouldn’t the sidewalk be safer?

Regardless, this seems discriminatory. If there’s a reasonable explanation for what this means then I can’t think of it. I mean, what the heck is this supposed to be indicating?

On an unrelated note, have you voted yet for story of the month at Bartleby Snopes (it’s at the bottom of the current stories page)? It would be very cool if you voted for my story “Hollidays Gone Wrong.” No need to provide an email, install anything, or register. Just click and vote.

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Can You Spare A Vote?

I hate shilling for votes, but my story “Hollidays Gone Wrong” is up for story of the month over at Bartleby Snopes and is currently way behind. A ton of really cool people have been voting for “Hollidays Gone Wrong,” but I’d need at least twice as many votes as the story already has to win…presuming that neither of the two stories ahead of me gets even any more votes.  Voting ends at the end of March…can you spare a vote?

Winning story of the month would get “Hollidays Gone Wrong” into the next print issue.

Voting is in a poll at the bottom of the current stories page. You can just click the link, scroll down, and vote. No need to sign up for anything, register, provide an email, or anything. Just click and vote.

Clearly I’ve got no pride about this. I obviously had to sacrifice that if I wanted to have any hopes of “Hollidays Gone Wrong” winning, since so many votes are being cast this month. I can use all the help I can get.

On a side thought, I’d be set if I could get George Takei to notice and throw his support in on this. Something like that is probably my only chance. He’s busy talking to people about his Japanese American National Museum Legacy project, though. Whether or not you vote for my story, you should check out his project. That definitely deserves your support. I’ve already chipped in myself so I’m not just blowing smoke here.

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I Just Got An Another Automated Telemarketer Call

I just got another automated telemarketer call. I don’t even know what it was for; I hung up the moment it started. You can always tell when it’s an automated telemarketer call.

I mean, how bad does their product/service have to be that they’re using an automated system to make telemarketing calls? Ordinary telemarketing situations usually indicate a pretty poor product/service or they wouldn’t be telemarketing to begin with. Can’t even spare the money for a real person? Oh, you must have something really good.

Frankly, I think there should be a law that if someone robodials me like that I get to call them back personally to have this play:

By they way, story of the month voting just opened up at Bartleby Snopes (it’s at the bottom of the current stories page). You should read them all and vote for the one you like best, but it would be very cool if the one you liked best and voted for was my story “Hollidays Gone Wrong.”

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What The Heck?

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that left me wondering: What the heck?


It was deliciously weird and I had no idea what it meant. Course, then I looked it up on Google and realized it was a reference to Arrested Development, which I had never watched.

It’s cool and all, but I kind of wish I hadn’t looked it up. This was better when I didn’t know what it meant. There were more odd possibilities. Now it’s just a reference to a TV show. Kind of sad now.

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I Actually Had A Comeback

I actually had a witty comeback today. I don’t mean later either. It wasn’t long after the situation where the comeback was irrelevant. No, something happened today and I immediately came back with something witty. You have no idea how rare this is.

There’s a shoe shine guy down on the 16th street mall who tries to be funny, but can sometimes be kind of offensive. A friend turned down a shoeshine from him one time and the guy looked closer and responded that he hadn’t realized those were ‘brokeback mountain’ boots, obviously not needing a shine.

Yeah, nothing pulls in business like homophobia jokes.

Anyway, I walked by that shoeshine guy today. I admit, my shoes need shining. With all the trouble getting ready to move recently I misplaced my polish. I think I know where it is and will dig it out to fix my shoes soon, but haven’t yet. It’s been icky a lot recently so my shoes would just have gotten messed up anyway, meaning they’d still need to be shined.

Anyway anyway, I walked by that guy and he said: “Whew! If your shoes look like that I’d hate to see your underwear.”

I immediately snapped back: “I’d hate for you to see my underwear too.”

Okay, so it wasn’t that great a comeback. Still, it was a comeback and I thought of it on the spot, in time for use. All in all, I’m still proud of myself.

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