I Miss Turkey Television

I miss Turkey Television.

That was a good show.

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What Could This Be A Euphemism For?

What could this be a euphemism for? It’s clear they aren’t actually offering to build to suit, because why else use the quotation marks? They aren’t quoting. They even italicized. Why do that? Are they just going to build whatever and it had better suit you or they call their lawyers? What?

This isn’t some quick handwritten sign either. Someone actually printed this, someone professional.

Maybe it’s drug code.

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I Have These Books Too!

I pushed you to buy my books Apocalypse All the Time and Not Quite so Stories on the last two Mondays. However, I have these books too!



You should buy them.

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I’m Enjoying This Way Too Much

I’m enjoying this way too much.

I don’t even remember which Danger Mouse episode this is from. I vaguely remember this, but only really vaguely. I just keep watching it though.


Note, I did end up looking it up and I do remember it. From “The Dream Machine”:

Greenback: Oh, and one last thing, Penfold. Don’t, whatever you do, say “rock”. (disappears)
Penfold: “Rock”?
(a rock falls out of thin air and hits DM on the head; it sprouts legs and a mouth and runs off, laughing silently as DM turns to glare at Penfold)
Penfold: I don’t get it, Danger Mouse, I only said “rock”.
(a second rock falls out of thin air; DM tries to dodge it, only for it to stop in midair, sprout arms, and hit DM repeatedly over the head with a large sausage. Greenback can be heard laughing as Penfold gives the camera a surprised look)
DM: Look, Penfold, just don’t say… R-O-C-K.
Penfold: R-O-C-K?
(steel-plated letters spelling ROCK appear one at a time, then a train whistle sounds as they trundle off screen… and then across the background… and then we hear four offscreen crashes as DM yelps in pain)
DM: (from under the pile of steel-plated letters) Penfold…
Penfold: Yes, sir?
DM: Have you got anything for a headache, Penfold?…
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This Is Better Than Any Post I Could Come Up With Today

This is better than any post I could come up with today.

We’ll just go with it then.

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Tomorrow! Don’t Yell At Me Episode 18!

Tomorrow night! Don’t Yell at me Episode 18 Saturday March 18th, 7 PM at Still Cellars 1115 Colorado Ave Longmont, CO ($5 dollar suggested donation)!

I’ll be reading along with Jay Halsey, Jack Buck, Grace Hortonopoulos, Jane Ripley, Vinnie Colitti, Tameca Coleman, Charly Fasano, Leah Scott, and Madi Chamberlain! Also including music by Xavier O Luain, the film The Pink Concept, and the mystagogue holland show.

Come on out!

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This Animated Gif Has Me All Nostalgic For Losing At Carnival Games

This animated gif has me all nostalgic for losing at carnival games. Much as I wanted to play them as a kid and would mentally get pulled in by them, I don’t think I was good at any of them. That was probably the point.

Also, this is life.

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