What’s Everybody’s Deal with Fun Snaps?

I want to know what everybody’s deal is with fun snaps.  There seems to be this obsession with them.  Not that I think it’s wrong, but I just want to know.  Call me curious.  Well, call me Dave, but I’m curious too.

I will explain.  I wrote a post a while back talking about the time that I unwrapped a bunch of boxes of fun snaps and dumped the contents into a plastic bag trying to make a bomb because I was in 7th grade.  As I explain, it blew up (silver fulminate is extremely unstable) and nearly blinded/deafened me (no real injury, just scared the crap out of me and the ringing in my ears was terrible).  This turns out to have been an extraordinarily popular post for me.

I wrote another post recently about how people keep coming across my post about selling my girlfriend’s laptop while they are searching for “selling girlfriends.”  As it turns out, that is not my most popular post.  Well, neither is my fun snaps one. I don’t want to be misleading here.  My first most popular is my post on the Hyatt suicide in downtown Denver at 268 hits, followed by my post about [content removed by special request] at 198 hits, but closely behind is my fun snap post at 163 hits.  This is much more than the 96 hits for my post about selling my girlfriend’s laptop.

What’s the deal here?  Fun snaps suck.  Sure, we all have fond childhood memories of these from back when we were too little to use any other fireworks.  Sure, perhaps parents are still concerned about whether they are safe and search for information regarding that (despite the fact that fun snaps are available in virtually even the most fireworks restrictive communities).  Still, why are so many people searching for fun snap related posts?

I don’t get it.  They’re fun, for about a minute and a half.  Much more than that and they’re boring already.  Even the nostalgia factor doesn’t last long.

People, if you found this blog by searching for fun snaps, man up.  Tell us why you were searching for whatever it was fun snap related that got you onto here.  I want to know.  Please explain.

About David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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3 Responses to What’s Everybody’s Deal with Fun Snaps?

  1. simon hendry says:

    I was buying my usual groceries at my local store and seen these fun snaps on the counter and remembered them as a kid as im now 38 and for a laugh as they were 50p i bought some for the memory. I was just curious what was in them as u would as im very interested in how stuff works in general so i googled it and came across this funny story as im sure many would! No obbsession just the fact that any question can now be vertually answered via your phone! Unlike in the 80’s when asking ur folks and freinds was a bit pointless when it came to chemistry etc 😉 glad u did post the fun snap bomb and save alot of possible painfull curiousity:-D

  2. Renay says:

    I Googled “Are Pop-It’s dangerous” and found your blog article. The reason I looked it up is that, for the first time, I was actually carded by the cashier. I live in Illinois, and apparently, you must now be 18 to purchase these tiny noise makers. I’m 42, so it struck me as very odd that the young casher would ever mistake me as being younger than he, but whatever. I but these every year for my kids to play with on the 4th of July, because I feel they are the most harmless “fireworks” a small child should ever play with. They are the only item, besides glow sticks, that don’t involve fire. We sit out in the front yard and watch the kids (3 and 6) throw them onto the driveway and side walk. We’ve even had luck popping them on my husband’s bald head! However, since the maker of these things can’t control how they’re used, I imagine they’re trying to avoid lawsuits by the parents of kids who do what you did with them so long ago.

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