I Have Serious Problems With Trump’s Announced Motives On The Obama-Birther Thing

As much as I think politicians hide things in this country, I am not lauding Donald Trump for his recent “victory” in getting Barack Obama to release his birth certificate.  I have some serious problems with his motives, at least as he has announced them.  If Trump actually tries to have a real candidacy, I think there will be problems ahead.

I mean, I don’t buy into the whole “birther” debate.  Sure, a United States president must be national born.  Regardless whether I agree with that idea or not (which I at least on the surface do, though I haven’t thought about it very much), it is in the Constitution.  If we ever didn’t want that, we would need a constitutional amendment first.

Regardless of all that, though, I don’t credit the “birther” movement very much.  Sure, it is not outside the absolute realm of possibility that there could be a massive conspiracy to make Obama appear to be a US born citizen when he was actually born in Kenya.  A POSSIBILITY, NOT A LIKELIHOOD.  Frankly, if this was even remotely likely to be the case, it would have come to the surface already.  There is far too much money and investigative power behind Obama’s opponents to have this not already surfaced.  The conspiracy would have to involve almost everyone in power, republicans and democrats alike, and I doubt that is even feasible much less likely.

I mean, it is not completely outside the realms of possibility that I am in fact the son of secret moon-royalty and there is a giant, world-inclusive conspiracy to hide this fact to keep me safe from the Martian Acorn consortium.  However, the likelihood is so remote that anyone would look like an imbecile if they seriously advocated it without some scintilla of evidence.  I.E., the “birther” movement.

Anyway, see this article.  Trump is reportedly very happy with himself about having made so much fuss over the birther issue because Obama released his birth certificate.  He is apparently quite proud because he got Obama to do something no one else could get him to do.

Congratulations.  Trump, you officially win the booby prize of the year.  What the hell?  You just wanted to get him to do something nobody else did?  Something that really doesn’t impact the welfare of the country?

This bodes ill if Trump actually runs for president.  He’s just bullying people around, catering to his own personal achievements and whims.  He is setting his own personal fun ahead of getting any goals accomplished for the country.  Now, as a person that isn’t bad.  As a celebrity it isn’t bad either.  However, as a real presidential candidate, that is fucked up.  See Ross Perot and his horribly annoying run for president which was reportedly just to pay Bush Sr. back for canceling a Perot company contract (successful, no?).

Worse, a lot of people were impressed with Trump over this.  They just saw how he managed to manipulate Obama without considering how this benefited no one but Trump’s ego.  The “birthers” still believe just like the “flat earthers” still believe.  Nothing has changed except thatDonaldhad some fun and showed off.

This bodes ill, it bodes real ill, man.  It fills me with fear.  Loathing.  I can only hope Trump’s scheduled presidential fun announcement on May 22 is just that he’s been fucking around and would much prefer to make money than to run the country.  It’s all I can hope.

About David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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3 Responses to I Have Serious Problems With Trump’s Announced Motives On The Obama-Birther Thing

  1. Jake says:

    Remember. All this horseshit is by the vocal minority. Not the silent majority.

    • The most ridiculous out of any group of people are almost always the most vocal. I am more of an independent, but I am friends with a lot of conservatives who are really burned at the “birthers.” The “birther” makes the vast majority of conservatives who don’t think things that ridiculous look ridiculous by proxy. I do understand that the vast majority of conservatives don’t put any stock in the “birther” arguments.

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