And Now, The Same Thing In Pig Latin!

You know, I’m still not tired of reposting the same post from Sunday in different forms.  I guess I must really be lazy.  Anyway, here’s Sunday’s post in pig latin (courtesy of the fine folds over at the English to Pig Latin Translator, source for all your pig latin translating needs):

Okayway, Iway’may ettinggay indkay ofway icksay ofway ethay “#1
ongsay ethay ayday ouyay ereway ornbay” enomenonphay.
Everyoneway eemssay otay ebay ostingpay isthay oneway Acebookfay
, oudpray ofway ethay articularpay ongsay eythay areway
associatedway ithway.  Asway ifway eythay adhay anythingway otay
oday ithway ethay ongsay orway asway ifway ethay ongsay atthay
asway #1 onway ethay ayday eythay ereway ornbay actuallyway
ayssay omethingsay aboutway emthay asway away ersonpay.  Iway
ustjay onday’tay igday ethay olewhay ideaway.

Andway ymay istasteday orfay isthay issueway ashay othingnay
otay oday ithway ethay actfay atthay Iway asway ornbay inway
ethay idmay-70′say andway obablypray asway ornbay enwhay anway
absolutelyway ottenray ongsay asway opularpay.  Erethay ereway
omesay eatgray ongssay inway ethay 70′say, utbay ethay anceschay
ustjay arenway’tay oodgay.

Etlay emay urtherfay aysay atthay ymay istasteday ashay
absolutelyway othingnay atway allway otay oday ithway ethay
actfay atthay ethay #1 ongsay ethay ayday Iway asway ornbay
asway Onighttay’say ethay Ightnay (Onnagay Ebay Alrightway) ybay
Odray Ewartstay.

Iway eanmay, eallyray?  Iway etgay away Odray Ewartstay ongsay
?  Isthay amegay uckssay.

Utbay Iway assureway ouyay, Iway islikedday isthay olewhay
ideaway eforebay indingfay atthay unpleasantway actfay outway.
Eallyray, Iway’may otnay yinglay erehay.  Iway idnday’tay umpjay
onway ethay andwagonbay atway irstfay andway etgay eadyray otay
ostpay andway enthay otgay issedpay enwhay Iway oundfay outway
atthay ymay ongsay uckedsay.  Iway idnday’tay enthay ielay
aboutway itway.  Eallyray, Iway eallyray idnday’tay.

About David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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