Small Repair Makes Me Feel Mechanically Inclined

It is no secret that I am not particularly mechanically inclined. As such, I am feeling really good that I managed to make a relatively minor repair to my oven yesterday. The oven works now, I am not dead, and I didn’t fuck anything up. It may not be a big thing, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I have a pretty decent stainless steel gas stove that came with my row home. However, while my wife was away in France I went to reset the clock and the entire clock panel pushed in on one side. You might not think that a big deal, but the clock is where you control all operations of the oven. You can still use the burners without it, but not oven cooking, timer, or broil.

At first I thought it wasn’t a big thing. I thought a screw had come loose inside. Admittedly, it was a bit much for me to go in at all, but I went in to see. I pulled the oven out as far as I could (this still means climbing over the counter and ducking under the oven vent and microwave since the gas line meant the oven could only come out so far), unplugged the oven (good thinking since it does still have electricity even though it is gas), and managed to get the back off with an adjustable wrench (not easy) because it was held on by nut bolts as opposed to nuts or screws.

That was when I found my first problem. There wasn’t a screw loose (at least not in the oven). The clock was held on by tiny little plastic brackets and two had broken. Great. A hundred-dollar part (I looked, this comes later) and if cheap thin plastic brackets break then you are fucked. Thanks Electrolux.

Anyway, I managed to find the part online. I also found a video that showed how to replace it. It was beyond my skill level, but described as easy. So, I ordered the part and went in.

This was actually pretty easy. I pulled out the oven again, unplugged the oven, took off the back with a nut bolt driver (suggested by the video and which I actually turned out to have in some computer tools), unscrewed the old clock plate, took out the power plug from the old clock plate, ripped off the old touch screen from the old clock plate, managed to get the old touch screen affixed to the new clock plate with the adhesive it already had, screwed in the new clock plate, plugged in the power plug to the new clock plate, put the back on the oven, plugged in the oven, and pushed it back into place.

Surprisingly, it actually worked when I was all done. Trust me, no one was more surprised than me. The repair might have been really, really simple…but with as mechanically challenged as I am I am feeling really good right now.


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David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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One Response to Small Repair Makes Me Feel Mechanically Inclined

  1. Panama says:

    The non-electronic clocks on electric range/ovens often don’t last long. That’s a problem, because the clock is essential to the self-cleaning and timed-bake features. Clocks are rarely repairable–you usually just have to replace them. Electronic clocks have been more reliable. But, they’re often integrated with several other features of the range/oven. So when the clock develops a defect, it often renders the entire oven and broiler inoperative. The electronic clock is usually integrated with a circuit board, and the touchpad that holds the buttons you press is often a separate component. If your electronic clock is defective, you may need to replace the touchpad, circuit board, or both. Although these may be expensive, they aren’t usually very complicated to replace.

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