Sprint Is Ticking Me Off

Sprint is ticking me off. I apparently get no 4G reception of any kind in Denver. That means I can occasionally have to mess with my phone for ten minutes to get a Facebook update. Goodreads repeatedly fails to connect. I even have problems getting email to download. This sucks.

I guess Denver apparently has no 4G LTE coverage. At least, not at my home near downtown, my office downtown, or anywhere else I go.

Of course, I do pay a 4G surcharge because I have a 4G phone. Honestly, with poor data coverage like this, there is almost no reason to have a smart phone.

Supposedly, Denver got Sprint 4G coverage a long time ago. I think it was one of the other 4G standards other than LTE and I guess it went away. All I see now is 3G on my phone, though even when I used to see 4G come up on other phones I had it didn’t stay around long either home, at work, or much of anywhere else.

Worse, I appear to get 4G LTE coverage sometimes when I visit Omaha. Even Lincoln, Nebraska. Spring apparently has 4G LTE coverage there that is better than Denver.

This sucks.

I don’t know if other networks like Verizon are better, but I keep imagining that they are. I’ve been with sprint for over ten years now, but the data coverage better be improved by the time my contract is up next time. It’s gotten bad enough that I’m honestly considering switching. I don’t even stream video on my phone most times. I just want to be able to use Facebook, Goodreads, and Email. Pretty basic for a smartphone.

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David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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2 Responses to Sprint Is Ticking Me Off

  1. Tommie says:

    Actually Lincoln is now officially 4g and Omaha is soon to follow but Denver is not officially 4G yet but the towers are being worked on as we speak. If you go to sensorly.com you can see where these towers are currently working in the Denver area. As far as the surcharge goes, it’s not for 4G service, it’s for smartphone service.

    • The announcement that Sprint was going to have 4G in Denver was made several years ago and did in fact happen in somewhat of a spotty fashion. However, this 4G coverage that was introduced in Denver has since disappeared in the intervening years. Coverage has gotten worse. As for the charge, at the time of the initial announcement, the charge was explained as a 4G capable phone charge. Though this is not strictly for service and though supposedly 4G phones are faster even on 3G, it’s still crap to pay for the data a 4G phone can use when 4G coverage has in fact been diminished in the service area. They can rephrase the charge however they want in the intervening years, but I still pay the same charge living in a city that actually has less 4G coverage than it did a few years ago as someone living in a city with good 4G coverage.

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