You Should Look Into “The Memory Hunter” by Jon Konrath

Jon Konrath has a new book coming out called The Memory Hunter that you should look into. This is the Goodreads site and here is the Facebook page you should like to get updates. You can also check his web site for updates, though I think it releases 9/1.

It looks different from his usual bizarre free form stuff (such as Thunderbird, The Earworm Inception, Sleep Has No Master, Rumored to Exist, Atmospheres, or Fistful of Pizza; all of which I loved) and his more realistic stuff (such as Summer Rain, which I also loved). An entirely new beast that seems just as difficult to classify. Sci-fi, noir, and god knows what else. It looks interesting to say the least.

Just check out this description (and then go like the Facebook page and whatnot to stay informed as this gets closer to release):

By 2007, after the nuclear war with the Soviet Union, Japanese mega-corporations run America. In this dark never-future of hovercars, ‘droids, and Mars colonies, the oppressive corporations rule the overworked occupants of the mega-cities with an iron fist. And a mysterious disease called IDES is causing people to lose their implanted synthetic memories.

John Bishop makes his living on the fringes of the mega-corporate society that disgraced him and reduced him to a repo man of brain implants—a memory hunter. Bishop, with the help of beautiful dissident scientist Dr. Amy Alexander, unravels a conspiracy of corruption and horror, and in so doing he just may find the redemption that has eluded him from the bottom of a synth-alcohol bottle.

Mixing elements of classic science fiction, Chandleresque noir, and absurdist dark humor, the author of laugh-out-loud cult classics The Earworm Inception and Rumored to Exist creates a retro future world of classic cyberpunk. The clever twist of wry humor and science fiction predictions from the 1980s gone wrong offers a satirical look at a future that never happened.

I’m certainly going to get a copy.

About David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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