2014 Writing Review

Well, since 2014 is over I suppose it’s also time to look back at how the year was for me writing-wise. It was actually a really good year. 17 accepted short stories and my novel The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes was published. That’s more short stories than I’ve ever had accepted in a year before (even more than the 16 I had accepted in 2013 before 1 got bumped and thus unaccepted, resulting in 15 accepted short stories for 2013).

No poem accepted this year like happened in 2013, but I don’t work with poetry very often so that’s no biggie. Also no book acceptance this year unlike 2013 and 2012, but I’ve got two things on various hooks right now so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for 2015 (In fact, I whined about this on Facebook and immediately had some interest. Too bad for me everything was already under consideration somewhere, but extra cool on the interest and I’ve got somewhere to keep my eye on when I have something available). Further, my 2013 published book Bones Buried in the Dirt was named a finalist in the First Novel (Under 80,000 words) category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

All in all, a hell of a year. Not everything matches up to achievements in previous years, but there was more than enough achievement to count it an advancement. A record number of short story acceptances in a year is surely a cause for celebration.

Anyway, time to get back to writing. Here is a list of those stories I mentioned so you can take a peek. Some are online so you can click on over, but some are print only. I’ll make sure to include some links for that as well in case you want to get yourself some copies:

The Declaration of Insufficiency: Getting Quality Work Out of ‘The Jeff’” published in issue of Hobo Pancakes.

“Remembering the Grunch at Christmas” published November 26, 2014 accompanying photography by Donigan Artworks in issue 7 of Vintage Boudoir Magazine.

“Working the Phones” published December 2, 2014 accompanying photography by Donigan Artworks in the Winter 2014 issue of Ms. Bombshell Magazine.

“The Semi-Secret Night World of Randy Rubinowski” published in the Fall 2014 (Vol. 5) “While the Moon Shines” issue of Midnight Circus.

“Shell Game Hustle” published in the fall 2014 issue (# 29) of Bachelor Pad Magazine.

“Not Wearing the Pants in the Family” published August 20, 2014 accompanying photography by Donigan Artworks in the Behind the Boudoir Doors Special Issue of Vintage Boudoir Magazine.

Somebody Misplaced Montana” published in issue 17 (September 2014)  of Used Gravitrons.

The Las Vegas Strip Disappeared This Morning” published September 9, 2014 Smashed Cat Magazine.

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor” published August 15, 2014 in Paragraph Line.

“Overfull: Bile and Cider” published August 1, 2014 in the Too Much anthology from Unknown Press.

“Glancing Blow” published October 27, 2014 in the special upcoming “Phantom” issue of The Lincoln Underground.

In Pursuit of Art: Drinking NyQuil at Pharmacies” published May 23, 2014 at Paragraph Line.

“Our Job was Just to Give Them a Show” published in the Summer 2014 issue #6 of Ms. Bombshell Magazine accompanying photography by Donigan Artworks.

“Home Invasion: Single Guy Problems” published in the summer 2014 Invasion and Occupation Vol 4 issue of Midnight Circus.

I contemplate the humble potato” published April 14, 2014 at Cease, Cows.

“Rewriting James Reed,” to be published in the Revenge of the Scammed Anthology to support Eddy Rathke.

“Benjamin Franklin was pissing on my apartment building door” published in Thumbnail 5.


About David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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