Remember When Randee Of The Redwoods Ran For President?

Remember when Randee Of The Redwoods ran for president? Well, he did. Maybe not for real, but they did a special about it.

I kind of wish I could watch that instead of all the election stuff I’ve been seeing recently. Any political opinions aside, I’d rather be watching Randee.

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David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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One Response to Remember When Randee Of The Redwoods Ran For President?

  1. Loe Capicho says:

    i remember it.

    i was 10 years old. i watched mtv because i never knew exactly what i would see next, but it would either be:

    A) a music video: the directors (who were often female, since many of the men viewed the new medium of short music videos as beneath their directing talents) were allowed to experiment with almost no corporate meddling, resulting in videos that were often interesting to watch even if you didnt like the song (see sledgehammer, take on me, and of course cyndi lauper’s goonies r good enough).

    B) funny: in those years mtv was mostly anti-corporate (at least compared to every decade since). the hosts were fairly down to earth, or at least not media savvy. i never saw an mtv host or personality fawn over a celebrity in the 80s (pre-TRL) unless it was part of the act. no one took it seriously and they were (usually) clearly having a fun time and it was fun to watch them.

    C) creative/interesting: so mtv played more videos in the 80s, but even when they weren’t the other shows were pretty good too, like:

    remote control
    a game show about television shows, where the grand prize challenge for the contestant was to name the song and artist playing on the 9 screens in front of them before time runs out while lounging on a craftmatic adjustable bed. ken ober was perfect. the mtv of game show hosts; a breath of fresh air compared to the old and uncool versions of everything kids were used to.

    yo mtv raps
    where a lot of suburban 80s white kids got their only exposure to rap music, and (maybe) their only glimpse into any black culture at all. also ed lover and dr dre were probably the funniest hosts on any of the shows, and im pretty sure there was never any script.

    headbangers ball
    staying up to watch the ball felt like something you werent really supposed to do as a kid, since it seemed likely to lead to devil worship and drugs. which goes to show how different things were in the 80s. one of the average parent’s biggest fears for their children was that they would get involved with heavy metal and become a drug-taking devil worshipper. for years that seemed like a real thing parents were expected to be concerned about.

    120 minutes
    i never watched this but im pretty sure it was awesome.

    half hour comedy hour
    if you didnt have HBO this is pretty much the only place you could see stand up on tv. unless you count star search (don’t).

    video music awards
    ah the mid-80s. popular rock stars were still partying and doing drugs full time, and the show was filmed live, so the shows were unpredictable. the annual production often found itself teetering on the brink of disaster (like many of the people participating). just as pointless as any of the traditional award shows, but each podium appearance and acceptance speech was like an 80s version of twitter; celebrities shouting out to their fans in a live but abbreviated format.
    water cooler programming for 80s middle school kids.

    mtv unplugged
    1989 still counts as 80s. the acoustic bon jovi songs that jon bon jovi and richie sambora played at the 89 vma’s got the crowd so amped that mtv literally greenlit a new show that year for rock bands to play acoustic, which would become one of the best things mtv churned out in the 90s.

    and then there were all the short videos and non-music segments that would get played between videos or at the end of the hour when they had time to fill. weird animated shorts with no context or explanation. and the viewer contests (like winning jon bon jovi’s childhood house).

    randee was an odd character.

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