I Can’t Tell Who Is Trolling And Who Is Falling For This

The Cher-themed Daylight Saving Time meme is making its way around Facebook right now, and I’m honestly having trouble figuring out who is trolling and who is falling for it. You know the one:

I see this and a voice in my head immediately screams: Spring forward! Spring forward! Of course, I want to correct the poster. However, did they fall for it…or were they just trying to troll people.

Honestly, I’ve seen both.

I’m really having trouble telling which is which when someone posts. I’ve tried to correct a few people only to find out they were trolling. I’ve restrained myself from correcting others only to find out they fell for it. I just don’t know what to do.

It’s so hard to tell anymore.

About David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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