Once Bitten at the Fbomb (Tuesday October 18 at 7 PM Mercury Cafe Denver) Prize Reveal!

Remember how I said there was going to be a non-vampire costume contest at Once Bitten at the Fbomb? (Features: Danger Slater, Eirik Gumeny, and Karl Fischer, and there will be open mic, Tuesday October 18 at 7 PM Mercury Cafe Denver) Go here if you don’t remember.) (Or go here to go sign up on the Facebook page for the event.) Why don’t we reveal one of those prizes? (Note, I already did on the facebook page, but whatever.)


Movie memorabilia! Karen Kopins’ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_Kopins) (Robin Pierce in the movie) autograph!

It isn’t on anything actually from the movie, apparently having something more to do with the unaired Charlie’s Angels spinoff Angels ’88, but it’s at least packaged in a frame with a film picture. Hey, it’s not like Once Bitten is exactly a high production value movie here.


About David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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