I Didn’t Know There Were Gargoyles In Downtown Denver

I did not know there were gargoyles in downtown Denver. Old style ones, configured as gutter spouts like at Notre-Dame de Paris. Then I happened to be in a decently tall office building looking down and saw:

That’s at least why I hadn’t seen them before. The turn of the century or so building I was looking down on had a floor on top of the main top floor for whatever HVAC system was original, but didn’t extend the full length and width of the main top floor. It wasn’tvisible from the street, not going to the edges like that, but it did have actual gargoyles.

It just struck me as cool, something hidden like that. Maybe there are other real old style gargoyles like that in Denver, but I couldn’t think of any. Decided to share.

About David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson enjoys typing about himself in the third person, although he does not generally enjoy speaking in such a fashion. However, he is concerned about the Kierkegaard quote "Once you label me you negate me." He worries that if he attempts to define himself he will, in fact, nullify his existence...
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