Still Thinking About Trying To Beat The Original Final Fantasy With Four White Mages

I’ve mentioned it before, but years ago a friend wondered if one could beat the original Final Fantasy using only four black mages. The idea is that it would be a really hard combination because they would have no heal magic, no real physical combat power, and no spells to bring party members back from the dead. It was difficult, but I eventually did it.

I told my friend and he responded with, “Oh,  what about four white mages?” I seethed with rage. Would I go through all that again? Did he know all the books I could read/write in that time? How much of my life I’d have to give up to try it? Four white mages might be even harder. They would still have no physical combat power, and though they would have heal magic and spells to bring party members back from the dead, they would have no combat spells.  I still attribute beating the game with four black mages to the Nuke spell (see the image above). I didn’t want to spend all that time trying it.

But I keep thinking about it….

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I Got Way Too Much Of A Laugh Out Of This To Not Share This Here Too

I posted this on Facebook, but I got way too much of a laugh out of it to not share it here too:

We should most beware when our own jokes make us laugh. But why listen to that?

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It’s Important To Say You’re Sorry

It’s important to say you’re sorry when you end up being wrong, particularly if you’ve gotten indignant. I know it’s hard to do, and can be really embarrassing, but it is important.

Someone shook up the driver on my bus this morning. We were waiting at a red light about a block from my stop, when someone was suddenly angrily pounding at the door. I thought that was weird, given that there are only two stops after mine before the end of the route. Who would want to get on there?

The driver opened the door and a man angrily insisted the driver had skipped his stop, pointing a block back. The bewildered driver responded that wasn’t his stop. In downtown Denver, the buses typically split up the stops. X, Y, and Z stops alternate. Thus, each bus  stops only once every three stops or so. They do this for traffic control, as each bus stopping at each would leave them nowhere to park. Regardless, the man insisted it was my buses stop, and that the driver had missed it. He insisted, and said the bus was a 9. My driver responded he was a 19 bus.

The man got out, looked at the sign on the front of the bus, and stormed off. Didn’t say he was sorry or anything. He mistook the bus for his, chased it down, pounded on the door, and yelled at the driver…only to turn out to have the wrong bus. I know he was embarrassed, but he should have apologized.

That poor driver was pretty shaken up.

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It’s My Birthday! Buy/Read/Review My Books!

It’s my birthday! Buy/read/review my books!

Apocalypse All the Time is post-post-apocalypticism. The apocalypse happens on a weekly (if not daily) basis and Marshall is sick of it. Life is constantly in peril, constantly disrupted, but nothing significant every really happens as a result. It’s always handled. Marshall wants out; he wants it all to end. In short, the book explores what about the end times holds such fascination for humanity and what impact such a fascination has on the way we live our lives.


Life is absurd, ultimately beyond our comprehension, in [some awesome accomplishment] David Atkinson’s latest short story collection Not Quite So Stories. Themes of adolescence, marriage, work, and death intersect in stories that will leave the reader at times amused, sorrowful, pensive, hopeful, and marveling at the bizarre things that make people tick.

Don’t you hate it when you may (or may not) be trapped endlessly in a Village Inn with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, coincidentally your ex-best friend? That’s the kind of day Cassandra is having. In a homogenized world that is left mostly empty so everyone can feel comfortable, The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes explores the fictions we tell ourselves and the fictions we tell ourselves about the fictions we tell ourselves. See the trailer on EAB Publishing’s YouTube page.

Bones Bured in the Dirt

Bones Buried in the Dirt features a young boy named Peter. Ranging from ages four to twelve, Peter’s stories focus on the sort of moments in childhood that get buried in the mind but never fully get absorbed, the moments that constantly come to the surface later in life and shape identity. The result is a sonar picture of the individual Peter will become.

Don’t forget to leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon!

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Simulation Of The Early Part Of Playing The Original Final Fantasy

Here’s a simulation of the early part of playing the original Final Fantasy.

Yup, until you level up enough to go fight Garland, you’ll spend a few hours doing this.

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This Is Still One Of My Favorite Sequences From This Show

This is still one of my favorite sequences from this show.

I loved The Boondocks.

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Well…I Hit 300 Already

Remember how I said a while back that this looked like a big reading year? Well, I just hit 300 books yesterday (as of time of writing this post). That was only the first week of November, so I’m probably going to break 320 this year. My previous record was 318 back in 2011, and I’ve only broke 300 twice other than that (303 in 2014 and 311 in 2013).

I probably should be writing more.

Or maybe I should be reading longer books for the remainder of this year.  300 this year goes with a total page count of 75,534. That’s only 251.78 pages per book. That 318 in 2011 went with 89,826 pages for 282.47 pages per book (ratios in 2014 and 2013 were similar). Clearly this year I’m reading shorter books. I’d have to beat the total page count in 2011 for it to still be an undeniable record, if that actually mattered…which it doesn’t.

Regardless, this is what I’m reading now.

We’ll see if I’m still reading it by the time this actually posts.

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