When You Aren’t Worthy Of The Brazilian Steak Place

There are times when one may admit that one is not worthy of a Brazilian steak place. I’m of course talking about the restaurants where they prepare a ton of different kinds of meats and just keep bringing them to your table for one (usually fairly large) price until you tell them to stop. We have three different of these places here in Denver, and they are magical, though possibly deadly from an overeating standpoint.

My wife and I were booked to have a lovely dinner on one of these for Valentine’s Day recently. However, we both got home from work and looked at each other and realized we were nowhere near hungry enough to do it justice. We cancelled our reservation and went out for Indian food instead, deciding to reschedule the meat for another day.

You have to be able to do a Brazilian steak house justice. Otherwise, just wait until you are.

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Do I Go For The Joke Or Not

I saw this when riding the bus recently.

Clearly, this is a makeshift bar to indicate that the back door is broken and I should not use it. However, should I go for the joke that I mistook it instead for a race finish ribbon and just run through it? I’d certainly get in trouble, and run into the back door since that wouldn’t open. Would I do it anyway so as not to waste the joke I thought of?

I think this is more fun if I don’t tell you which way I decided.

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Today I’m Going To Wish My Wife A Happy Valentine’s Day Here On The Blog

Today I’m going to wish my wife a happy Valentine’s Day here on the blog.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Shannon!

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I Was Going To Write An Actual Post Today

I was going to write an actual post today. However, then this happened:

Well, not literally…but pretty close. As such, this is what you get.

Sorry about that.

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A Simulation Of What Happens When You Add Someone To A Facebook Group Without Asking

Here’s a simulation of what happens when you add someone to a Facebook group without asking them:

Stop doing this. It is not helpful. It is rude, and is often a guarantee that they will refuse to have anything to do with your group no matter how much they may have been interested otherwise. Ask first, like most things in life.

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You Know What Is Bad For Weight Loss?

You know what is bad for weight loss? A lobster roll truck parked outside the bar you’re playing bingo at. You may not have intended to buy food, but it’s happening.

Especially if they have a grilled cheese lobster roll sandwich. And deep fried macaroni and cheese things.

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A Post To Make Me Feel Better About My Bus Rant From Yesterday

I got mad at the bus system here yesterday and went on a rant. This is to make me feel better.

I now feel a little better.

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